Prayer from March 26, 2017 Broadcast

March 30, 2017 - 9:19am

The following prayer is only a suggestion.  It is not to be taken as, “If you don’t do it, or a loved one doesn’t do it, you or someone will be punished.”  If you believe this, this is a false belief and you need to start by denouncing this false belief.

In addition, it’s important that you do not interfere with the spiritual path, with the spiritual obligation of other people.  If you do, it will likely cause you to take on their spiritual obligation and/or karmic debt.  So, be careful with the advice that you offer to others.  Not to mention, when you interfere with someone else’s spiritual path, your remaining spiritual path will likely encounter doors that were open for your success becoming closed.

As you prepare for the prayer, there is only one true divine Christ, God.  There is nothing else that can allow you to grow spiritually in a divine way to the highest level, in and out of this matrix.  There is nothing else.  Many people who use the word, “Father,” as though they are speaking of the divine God, unknownst to them, they are speaking of a man-worship god, from another incarnation, where they made oaths to an individual or to an institution.  So, you will have to denounce all oaths to heads of religious institutions, government institutions, membership institutions/cults/parents/anyone/any human being. 

Many of you that are around me have had deep-rooted experiences in other incarnations, where you may have been a member of a religious institution.  You may have been, for example, a nun and you made an oath of obedience to a Mother Superior, or to a priest, or to a cardinal, or to a bishop, etc.  You now come back into this incarnation with them, having a different name and a different physical body.  But the oath still remains, because you made the oath to the light body, not to their physical body.  So, that means, in civilian life, you have to do whatever they tell you to do.  And if you don’t do this, depending on the oath, you or your family may experience bad fortune.  This is why you do not make oaths to man.  Don’t be a fool. 

These individuals that cause you to make oaths to them:  their light bodies have mastered the matrix.  They know how to brilliantly transfer their bad karma to you, without you even knowing it.  And you or a family member ends up taking on their bad karma, whether it’s health bad karma, accident bad karma, kiss-of-death bad karma, financial bad karma, family bad karma, unsuccessful in general bad karma, complete failure bad karma, living a shorter life bad karma, not having children bad karma, having kids that are evil bad karma, every life treadmill bad karma, going to war bad karma, etc., etc., etc. 

Most of the oaths that people make in other incarnations are made to men.  But it is possible for the man that you made the oath to in another incarnation to come back with you in yet another incarnation and be a woman.  Remember:  you are making the oath to their light body, not to their physical body.  These individuals and their light bodies that you make oaths to, have the ability to harm you when you break the oaths.  They can harm you by sending you fragmented entities to cause you to have a stroke or heart attack.  They can send you powerful entities to cause you or a member of your family to commit suicide.  They can kiss you, and within weeks, you can end up dead.  They can pass sexual fluids to you containing yocto-viruses that can bring cancer and other diseases into your body.  They can send entities to other people, telling other people not to make you successful.  They can do so much.  And these people are just driven to continue to do it until they have succeeded.  Because they are holding onto a false belief, that if they don’t do it, they’ll be punished.  And this is going on worldwide.  It’s just that not too many people are talking about this. 

So, from this moment on, use extra caution when you interact with people.  And the people who are more likely to bring harm to you are the ones that continually make you or others upset.  They are the ones that continually do dumb things all the time.  They are the ones that continually over-help you.  They are the ones that continue to force their presence on you.  Then, when you sit back and think about it all, it just doesn’t make any sense. 

If this exercise saves one life, this is a gift to the world, as the light of Christ has prevailed.  Just say:

Oh Lord, I have before me, a list of names of individuals that I bring forward to you.  These individuals, if I have any oaths to them, I would like to be set free.  Particularly, any oaths I have to my biological parents, their ancestors, step-parents and their ancestors whereby I made oaths to them:

  • to honour them
  • to worship them
  • to be obedient to them
  • to accept the Eye for eye
  • to accept a vow of secrecy
  • to accept that I would always look after them financially
  • if I go for spiritual healing, I will be punished
  • if I go outside a religious institution to seek divine guidance, I will be punished
  • if I have children, I will be punished
  • if I get married, I will be punished
  • if I have an abortion, I am forever damned
  • if I take the life of another in self-defence, I am forever damned
  • if I kill someone in an accident, I am forever damned
  • if I do not give all my money to the church, I am forever damned
  • if I do not go to war or send my children to war, I am forever damned
  • if I do not vote for certain political individuals, I am forever damned
  • if I don’t lay my life down for someone, I am forever damned
  • if I break an oath to any one light body, I am forever damned
  • if I do not take the life of another human being, I am forever damned
  • if I do not protect an institution by agreeing to take the life of others, I am forever damned.
  • if I do not agree to come in every incarnation with the same parents, I am forever damned.

Once again, I denounce all these oaths, promises, commitments.

If anyone has killed me in another incarnation and I did not forgive them, I fully forgive them now. 

If I have taken the life of another based on oaths, I denounce these oaths.  I ask for forgiveness on all levels.  

If I have worshiped another human being and pledged my soul to them by agreeing never to go against them, I denounce this completely.

If I have ever worshiped another man/woman, I now denounce all oaths I have to them.

If I have anything or any oath that prevents me from giving to others unconditionally and/or allowing others to give to others unconditionally, I ask that these entities be lifted off me and be sent back to the appropriate individual/light body, or as approved by the matrix.  I ask that this be lifted now.  As it is lifted, I ask that my family/loved ones are protected.  I choose to follow a path, to the best of my ability, of unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness.  I ask that all grudges I have against anyone are divinely lifted now.

I further agree, to the best of my ability, not to speak poorly of my ancestors or of the people on my list, as I forgive them all.  I ask that I be set free from all of them and anyone else I may have forgotten.  I ask the Heavens to protect me and my family from others trying to steal our light bodies, from those individuals who have mastered the matrix, who come in every incarnation to inflict their suffering on others.