Prayer to Regain Your Christ Being; April 30, 2017 Third Segment Broadcast

April 30, 2017 - 12:41pm

Just say,

"Oh Lord, I come to only you, with humility and with great sincerity.  I hereby confirm that I acknowledge and accept that there is a true, divine God, a God of all creation, a truly loving God. 

I denounce all allegiance that I currently have or that I have had in any other incarnation to any false god, to man, to heads of religion, to heads of institutions, and to any parent that I may have had that took on the role of God.

I denounce the false teachings, “Once a sinner, always a sinner.”  I acknowledge I can come to you direct, through the Christ, to be forgiven.  I ask that I be forgiven for all that I have done, through all my soul incarnations, to bring harm against another, or to bring harm against myself, or to bring about any imbalance that led to harm on any level.

I forgive all.  I ask all to forgive me.  I forgive myself. 

I truly accept Christ, by way of my actions/deeds, and further, by way of my spoken word.  I agree to the best of my ability that I will do what I can to love my neighbour as myself and to love God with all my heart, mind, soul and strength.  I further acknowledge, if I can do both of these, this is the evidence/proof that I have truly accepted Christ.

Father, based on your will, I ask for my light body of Christ to be either activated, protected and/or returned to me immediately.



How can you help in the bigger picture?  If you are connected to a social media network, a government network:  we need you to get today’s broadcast message out to the world, particularly to China, South Korea, the Canadian Prime Minister, the British Prime Minister, the German Chancellor, the President of France, the King of Norway, the Prime Minister of Japan, the Emperor of Japan, all Canadian Members of Parliament, the Guardian newspaper in Britain, CNN, MSN, and the BBC.

I know I am asking you to do something big.  I would not be asking you to do this if the international political arena were not potentially extremely dangerous.  The key message that everyone needs to get is what has been expressed in Segment 4 of the April 30, 2017 broadcast, particularly focusing on North Korea.  We will have the transcript of this segment up as soon as possible this coming week, so that you can mail this out to everyone we have identified, with the key points highlighted in yellow. 

This will have tremendous positive results, as you will be part of helping to avoid a major conflict with North Korea and China.  Remember:  the United States will not be able to go to war with North Korea unless they are prepared to go to war with China.

I have discerned, in the last 100 days, CNN and MSN have not intentionally put out any misleading news and have not (never have) orchestrated fake news to be broadcasted.  They have not done this, particularly in the last 100 days.  There is a serious movement by certain individuals to convince the American people that CNN, MSN, and other news agencies are not to be trusted.  These individuals are only preparing themselves for when the shoe drops:  when CNN, MSN and other news agencies report the truth about them, the “them” are hoping that they will raise enough doubt in the public conscience that they will get away with their historic actions, that are now compromising the future of mankind.

I’d like to thank all of you for your continuing support and for continuing to help me to do the work to enrich the lives of many and save many from total destruction.  Your reward will come in a significant way in a subsequent life.  Thank you.