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Our Listening Room provides audio tracks of Bryan's recent interviews, speaking engagements, and recorded messages.  If you are interested in having Bryan speak at your event, please contact us.

To share his discernments with as many people as possible, Bryan is increasingly using more public vehicles to voice messages. From public conference speeches to radio and television appearances, he spreads knowledge to people around the world.  When possible, links to these speeches and appearances will be posted and archived in the Listening Room.


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June 17, 2012
Address to Georgia, Russia, Greece, Turkey, USA, Israel and All World Leaders

DNA Contracts: Going Deeper (Part 1)
DNA Contracts: Going Deeper (Part 2)
Address to Georgia and Russia
Address to Greece, Turkey, USA, Israel and All World Leaders

June 10, 2012
Afghanistan, North Korea, Syria, Russia; DNA Contracts; Family Oath Healing

Afghanistan, North Korea, Syria: Can the West Treat Them Equally?
DNA Contracts and Genetic Program Contracts
DNA Contracts: What Do Certain Gene Programs Mean?
Family Oath Healing

June 3, 2012
A Message to World Leaders Preventing World War III

Spiritual 101 for World Leaders, People of Influence and All World Citizens
Countries that Are Attached to World War III Oaths
Gene Beliefs that Can Trigger World Conflicts
Solution to Diffuse World Tension and the Monopoly that Religious Extremists Have over Mankind

May 27, 2012
Blocked Oaths; Old Testament Must Go

Blocked Oaths
Your Primary Light Body
Closing Comments

May 20, 2012
Oath Healings

Preparing for the Healing
Healing (Part 1)
Healing (Part 2)
Healing (Part 3)
Closing Comments

May 13, 2012
Oath Healings: Setting Yourself Free

Standing in the Dark: This Can Be Your Last Mistake
Oath Healing (Part 1)
Oath Healing (Part 2)
Closing Comments

May 6, 2012
Curses, Oaths and False Beliefs: Be Free

Going Deeper: Understanding a Curse
Preparation for Next Week’s Oath Healing: What You Need to Know
General Comments; The Closing

April 29, 2012
Dark Soul Pool Gimmick; Eye for an Eye

Spirit Analysis: Going Deeper
What Is Their Fate?
Preparation for the "Eye for an Eye" Healing
"Eye for and Eye" Healing

April 22, 2012
Evil Eye; Karma or Illness

I Love to Be Sick
Human Thought Photons
Full Body Photon Spirits
Live Discernment on Carolyn Doull: Understanding Human Behaviour
Message to the World

April 15, 2012
CERN; Photons; Electromagnetic Energy; GMO Foods; Global Warming

Gravity; Global Warming
Force, Light: The Creation of the Universe and Wind
The Sun, Photons, Atoms, Gravity: Going Deeper
What’s New? Diet: Your Pancreas, Sugar, Fat, Salt, GMO Foods

April 1, 2012
Diet; Sugar; Diabetes; Iran; USA; Israel

The Trickster Gene
The Pancreas, Type II Diabetes, Sugar
Going Deeper: Your Diet
Live Discernment on Sue Pauck: Losing 40 lbs
A Brief Message for World Leaders
More Messages for Sue Pauck and World Leaders

March 25, 2012
Suicide; Genetically Modified Foods; Food Diet

Can We Learn from Others Who Commit Suicide?
Does Our Mental State Influence Our Food Absorption?
Science Conversation: Paul Hambleton, Antonio Mendonca (Pt.1)
Science Conversation: Paul Hambleton, Antonio Mendonca (Pt.2)

March 11, 2012
Groundhog Day Beliefs: Vladimir Putin; Message to Vladimir Putin

Groundhog Day Beliefs: Preunderstanding to Prepare Everyone for the Message to Vladimir Putin
Message to Vladimir Putin, Groundhog Day Beliefs: Going Deeper
Live Discernment on Dave Annis
Live Discernment on Bob Hawkin; Healing

March 4, 2012
Mitochondria: Introduction to the Unknown

Introduction to the Mitochondria: The Atom
What Is the Mitochondria? Going Deeper: The Atom
Mitochondria Memory: The Atom
Live Discernment on Carolyn Doull

February 26, 2012
John Gospel; Victim Role

Gospel of John: John 1:1-9
Take on the Victim Role
Going Deeper: The Global Victim Role
Live Discernment on Petra Matrundola

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