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Our Listening Room provides audio tracks of Bryan's recent interviews, speaking engagements, and recorded messages.  If you are interested in having Bryan speak at your event, please contact us.

To share his discernments with as many people as possible, Bryan is increasingly using more public vehicles to voice messages. From public conference speeches to radio and television appearances, he spreads knowledge to people around the world.  When possible, links to these speeches and appearances will be posted and archived in the Listening Room.


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May 16, 2010
A Deeper Understanding of Human Genes

A Deeper Understanding of Human Genes
Our Core Spirit and Genes
9 Reasons We Do Not Completely Get Healed
General Healing to Remove False Beliefs

May 9, 2010
9 Amazing Facts About Our Universe

9 Amazing Facts About Our Universe
Conversation with JP Morgan: His Trip to Hell
Introduction to a Corporate Psychopath
What Are Some of the Main Objectives Today Globally, of the Dominant Economic Psychopaths

May 2, 2010
A Message to the Vatican

A Deeper Understanding of Stars
A Message to the Vatican
Conversation with Nikola Tesla
Conversation with Christ: What Would Be Different Today If Jesus Christ Had Not Been Nailed to the Cross?

April 25, 2010
Interview with Dr. Otto Roessler

Interview with Dr. Otto Roessler (Rössler) Professor of Theoretical Biochemistry University of Tübingen: Safety Concerns at CERN’s LHC
A Deeper Understanding of the Icelandic Volcanic Eruption
Why Much of Man’s Scientific Theories Are Inadequate
The Benefit of Helping Get God’s Truth Out to the World

April 18, 2010
Purpose of a Self-core Spirit

A Deeper Understanding of Mini Black Holes and Black Holes
The Purpose of a Self-core Spirit
What Type of Suffering Can We Go Through and Why
9 Signs of a Reaping Contract

April 11, 2010
What Is a Minority?

What Is a Minority?
The CERN Project
Is a Cure for Cancer Good for the World Economy?
Why Is it Important for the Jewish People to Learn to Love Themselves All Over Again?

March 28, 2010
Nine Points for the State of Israel to Consider

Nine Points for the State of Israel to Consider
Conversation with Anwar Sadat
What Does it Mean Spiritually, to Do No Harm to a Patient?; Nine Dominant Points: Potential Economic Structural Weaknesses of US Economy
Conversation with Christ: The Meaning of, Father Forgive Them, for They Know Not What They Do; Healing of the Soul

March 21, 2010
A Deeper Understanding of LDL

Topic: “A Deeper Understanding of LDL- Low Density Lipoprotein”
Conversation with Hippocrates
Topic: The US Healthcare Reform Bill
Special Healing of the Soul

March 7, 2010
Are we ready to pull the troops out of Iraq?

Address to the USA & World: “Are we ready to pull the troops out of Iraq”
Conversation with Albert Einstein
Conversation with St. Joan of Arc
Message to All World Leaders: “A Deeper Understanding of the Turks & the Armenian Genocide”

February 28, 2010
Conversation with Mother Earth; Interview Hurricane Carter

Interview: Ben Johnson and Hurricane Carter
Conversation with Princess Diana
Conversation with Mother Theresa
Conversation with Mother Earth: The Chile Earthquake; Warning to Brazil re Earthquake

February 21, 2010
Conversations with Adolf Hitler

Conversation with Adolf Hitler: “Getting to know Adolf Hitler”
Conversation with Adolf Hitler: “About your life in general”
Conversation with Adolf Hitler: “The Vision for Germany”
Message for Pres. Obama; Healing of the soul: “Getting rid of hatred”

February 14, 2010
Primary Self Revenge Beliefs

Topic: “Nine Primary Self-Revenge Beliefs”
Topic: “Nine Reasons Why We Can’t Live without God”
Topic: “Conversation with Charles Darwin”
Topic: “Conversation with Gregor Mendel”

February 7, 2010
The Science behind Depression

Interview: Former Olympic Athlete Ben Johnson; The Science behind Depression
Message for Gov. of California; A Deeper Spiritual Understanding of Depression
Conversation with Leonardo da Vinci
Conversation with Christ: Our Master Soul; Message for Hon. Jack Layton

January 31, 2010
Olympic Athletes

Topic: “Nine False Beliefs that the Current US Government Has that Can Do Much Harm to their Nation”
Topic: “Olympic Athletes: Nine Top False Beliefs that Cause One to Fail”
Topic: “Conversation with Marilyn Monroe”
Topic: “Conversation with Christ: What about Psychiatry?”

January 24, 2010
What Does It Mean to Serve God?

Topic: “Conversation with Christ: What Does It Mean to Serve God?”
Interview: “Recent Medical Graduates Alex & Maya re Experiences with Bryan’s Spiritual Gift”
Topic: "Conversation with John F. Kennedy”
Topic: “A Message to World Leaders: Conversation with Christ”

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