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Our Listening Room provides audio tracks of Bryan's recent interviews, speaking engagements, and recorded messages.  If you are interested in having Bryan speak at your event, please contact us.

To share his discernments with as many people as possible, Bryan is increasingly using more public vehicles to voice messages. From public conference speeches to radio and television appearances, he spreads knowledge to people around the world.  When possible, links to these speeches and appearances will be posted and archived in the Listening Room.


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January 17, 2010
Haiti Earthquake

Topic: “A Better Understanding of the January 12, 2010 Haiti Earthquake”
Topic: “Conversation with Abraham”
Topic: “Conversation with Isaac”
Healing to Help the Souls Cross Over from Haiti Earthquake; Special Healing of the Soul

January 10, 2010
Conversation with Thomas Jefferson

A Conversation with Thomas Jefferson; Message for Canadian Govt.
Interview: Father Marty Patton Old Catholic Priest on Past Lives and Healing
A Conversation with Christ: Soul and Spirit Connection to Disease
Preparation for Next Week’s Healing

January 3, 2010
Conversation with George Washington

Topic: “A Conversation with George Washington”
Topic: “A Conversation with George Washington: Secret Society”
Topic: “A Conversation with George Washington: His experience after he died”
Topic: “A Conversation with Christ: Advice to World Leaders for 2010”

December 27, 2009
Conversations with Stalin, John, Mother Earth, and Christ

Topic: “Conversation with Joseph Stalin”
Topic: “Conversation with John the Baptist”
Topic: “Conversation with Mother Earth”
Topic: “Conversation with Jesus Christ”

December 20, 2009
Messages to Pakistan, England, & Ireland

Topic: “A Message to Pakistan”
Topic: “Interview with Executive Director of Peace Action Kevin Martin 

Topic: “Message to England & Ireland”
Topic: “A Conversation with Jesus Christ”

December 13, 2009
Why God does not endorse war

Topic: “9 Reasons why God / the Heavens does not endorse war”
Topic: “9 Truths man suppresses to support war”
Topic: “9 Reasons why one is programmed for Armageddon”
Topic: “9 Points: What is an act against God”

December 6, 2009
Working towards peace with Iran

Topic: “How to make the US economy stronger over time”
Topic: “9 ways Iran will benefit with the USA sending more troops into Afghanistan”
Topic: “9 Pts: Working towards peace with Iran”
Topic: “Addressing the State of Israel- 9 Pts to consider”

November 29, 2009
The understanding behind 2012 - repost

Topic: “Why one is not able to forgive- a deeper look”
Topic: “The understanding behind 2012”
Topic: “Why it is still a bad idea to send more troops to Afghanistan”
Topic: “What is your personality light body?”

November 22, 2009
The Understanding Behind 2012

Why One Is Not Able to Forgive: A Deeper Look
The Understanding Behind 2012
Why It Is Still a Bad Idea to Send More Troops to Afghanistan
What Is Your Personality Light Body?

November 15, 2009
What is Planet X

Topic: “A Deeper Understanding of God, Sound & Light”
Topic: “What is Planet X”
Topic: “9 Key points to avoid World War III”
Topic: “What does it mean to support your head of state”

November 8, 2009
Vaccines Spiritual

Topic: “Vaccines Spiritual 101”
Topic: “9 Dominant ways to avoid vaccine karma”
Topic: “Afghanistan- What the western govts need to know”
Topic:“9 Points of what the President of the USA needs to do in reference to Afghanistan”

November 1, 2009
Interview with Dr. Russell Blaylock

Interview with retired neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock “The truth about the H1N1 virus & vaccine”
Topic: “On a spiritual level why do most people get married?”
Topic: “What is all the harm all about?”

October 25, 2009
A deeper understanding of an eye for an eye

Interview with Robert Gaffney & Mark Cummins
Topic: “What is life?”
Topic: “A deeper understanding of an eye for an eye”
Topic: “Why you should not give your power away”

October 18, 2009
Why the Afghan war cannot be won

Topic: “Why the Afghan war cannot be won”
Topic: “A deeper understanding of arrogance as it relates to the Afghan war & public policy”
Topic: “The ladder of arrogance”
Topic: “Understanding our spirit imprint”

October 11, 2009
What would it take for Palestine to make peace with Israel

Topic: “What would it take for Russia to completely back the USA”
Monthly Segment: Empowering Women with Core Truth “Dreams”
Topic: “What would it take for Palestine to make peace with Israel”
Topic: “What would it take for Israel to accept the proposed Palestinian needs”

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