Big New Message to All on COVID-19

July 10, 2020 - 4:21pm

Hello to everyone!  We miss you all and I am hoping that things will get back to normal very shortly.  I am hoping that we can do a radio broadcast next week because I really have missed doing them.  In the meantime, we have had some inquiries from people wanting to know if I would meet with certain companies to help them develop a COVID-19 strip test.  Here is my response to everyone.


Next week, I will begin to put a formulation together for a highly accurate COVID-19 urine strip test.  We plan to have the formulation completed by no later than August 19.  Although I mention to others August 15, the date is August 19.  This is a very difficult formulation to put together because you need to understand what the heck you are testing for in the urine.  We do know that what we are looking for is less than nano.  And because it is less than nano, this makes it very difficult for labs to identify the exact specimen/prototype being tested for.  With my gift of scientific intuition/discernment, we have the ability (without equipment) to understand very quickly what we will be testing for.  The formulation should be very straight forward to arrive at, because of my gift of discernment. 


When we believe we have the formulation together, we will advise the general public that we have the full understanding of the formulation, after which we will be offering this formulation to the highest bidder, subject to the highest bidder taking on the formulation and taking on all responsibility and cost to get the formulation certified and commercialized.  It will come at a very high price; this will allow me to move my other projects further along quicker.  I will make the first consideration to serious corporations, governments in Canada for the month of August.  On September 1, if there is no interest in this formulation, it will end up going overseas.


This formulation is the first step to demonstrate that I have the ability to do this.  Then, I would consider working with a corporation of extreme compassion (without the greed factor) to help develop a vaccine for COVID-19… a safe vaccine… a vaccine with no hidden agenda to harm the general public. 



When everyone says, “We are all in this together,” I ask you:  if the world is ignoring me, do you really believe that is a true statement?  I make this statement out of pure kindness, but at the same time, having a big concern that we may be heading towards a $1.2 trillion deficit, and we are prepared to just spend money, out of control, and ignore my capabilities.  Through my help, I know that I can help save this country and save the world economy.  But who the heck is listening? 


I agree with the many doctors in this country who believe the economy should be opened up and let the chips fall where they may.  And even the spiritual council that I represent believes that the economy of Canada should be opened up wide.  Why?  Very simply, this virus is not random.


What are we all going to say when we have a $1.2 trillion deficit?  Which is worse:  the accumulation of COVID-19 deaths which is fairly insignificant when comparing the total population of Canada vs a $1.2 trillion debt that wipes out our total economy or forces us to partake in a world war because we could not say no to big brother?  Part of me is just letting my steam off right now.  But I know what I’m saying is true. 


I recently sat with my dentist for 20 minutes and talked about how he believed very strongly that our economy should be wide open.  He was absolutely livid that it wasn’t.  My only response to him was that he was preaching to the converted. 


Months earlier, when the Canadian economy started to shut down, I did a radio show on COVID-19.  And I mentioned, without talking to any scientist, doctor, or any other expert, that this virus was an airborne virus.  I was the first to say this.  And that was through my gift of intuition/discernment.  What I am disappointed with is that it took the scientists way too long to figure this out.  And what I am further disappointed in is that it takes 239 scientists to convince any government that this is true.  This is absolutely nonsense.  Scientists should never go to this extreme to convince governments what the truth is. 


Canada has a population of approximately 37 million.  Are we, in this country, thinking that if the economy is not shut down, that 37 million plus people will get infected with COVID-19?  To believe this is true is an absolute state of insanity.  The Canadian people need the science that backs up that this virus is not random.  And we don’t have that. 


As far as Donald Trump is concerned, there is a method to his madness.  When considering he is a political genius and when this genius is used in a constructive way, it can help to save the world.  Yes, Florida has major problems with COVID-19.  They also have a high rate of seniors.  And for the most part, we understand it is seniors that are mostly dying of COVID-19.  Why they are dying still remains a mystery.  Some professionals say that the ventilators are causing more problems and may even be causing people to die when they have COVID-19.  I have not had enough time to discern this.  But if this is true, the science needs to come out on this issue.  Is it possible that all the people in Florida who are infected right now were destined to get the virus anyways and the only reason why they have it now is because they were told to stay home in the first place, and by staying home, they were avoiding their genetic disposition to be infected with the virus anyways?  If you tell someone to stay home who is supposed to get the virus, and then you tell them to go out, and not expect a surge in COVID-19 cases:  this is foolish. 


The doctors who are genetic experts:  you need to address this issue.  And stop looking for large sums of money to do it.  Of course, I am looking for a large sum of money for the COVID-19 test.  But I’m not asking for money to actually develop the test.  I’m asking for money, after I have already developed the test on my own.  There is a big difference.  I’m not looking for the government of Canada to employ me for 10 years and take millions from them, only to come up with nothing.  That’s the big difference. Most of these government funded projects worldwide come up with nothing.


What I do believe:  everything will level out in Florida and that the people who are supposed to go through COVID-19 will go through it.  And I am asking the government to be very strict with their fiscal spending now.  The government money should only go towards essential services.  It should not go to charities at this time.  The big question that the governing bodies of Canada need to address to the general public:  why was there no money for autism to help the many families in need?  But yet, our deficit has grown from $34 billion to over $400 billion, projected within 1 year to be $1.2 trillion.


I’m simply here on the sideline, waiting for Canadians to have enough courage to make me successful in helping to develop technologies to drastically curve the COVID-19 virus downward, and save the world economy, and save us from going into World War III.  Only a fool can’t see where we are heading.


May God give everyone the strength and wisdom to know the truth.  Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.  I say and do this today because of the great love I have for mankind.  I only want to be around people with a strong backbone.  Weak people cannot solve this problem.  Neither can angry people.  Neither can people with revenge. 





PS  The above is subject to me completing the formulation without being interrupted or blocked.  Our intent is to genuinely and sincerely complete the formulation.  If you have a sincere in helping us, ask yourself what you are prepared to do for us.  And do it.