Collecting My Thoughts

July 21, 2020 - 3:12pm

Good day to everyone.  I’d just like to take this moment to share with you my thoughts about everything and anything. 

Firstly, we have not received any serious inquiries from anyone regarding the COVID-19 test formulation that we have put together but not yet tested.  We would like to thank those who work so diligently every day in pursuing opportunities to introduce the work that we do to people who have true integrity.  I know this is a very difficult task.  But don’t give up. 

So, I was talking to my associate from University of Toronto on the weekend.  And we were discussing COVID-19, in general.  And, of course, my associate just likes to ask a whole bunch of questions.  I really enjoy it when he does that because we always discover something profound in science.  What I discovered is that some people/scientists are talking about the same thing.  And they are being so badly ignored.  So, let me share with you.

Again, the COVID-19 virus does not infect people randomly.  So, the whole world needs to get together and realize that this is gobbledygook.  Now, for the ones that are adamant that this virus is random and trying to scare the crap out of the world:  when there is a surge/increase of infection cases as the economies open wider, the world’s science as it remains is inadequate to make sound decisions that protect the economy and the people. 

We are hearing of cases in Canada and the United States of increased numbers of COVID infections due to more testing.  But in truth, there isn’t a sufficient amount of testing.  These tests are being performed on a very small percentage of specific country’s populations. 

For example, Canada has approximately 37 million people.  We believe just under 4 million people have been tested for the virus.  We believe approximately 111,000 people have tested positive, and almost 9,000 have died.  So, when you really analyze the numbers:  the percentage of people dying, when compared to the total population of Canada, is very small.  One might say it is insignificant.  By no way are we showing any disrespect to those who have died. 

But more importantly, scientifically why did they die?  This is not clearly understood.  I am prepared to sit in front of 5,000 doctors and scientists and discuss this, on a scientific level that would be so profound.  But it seems no one is interested. 

We further must realize that we are all in the matrix.  We are in the matrix… at least half of us… because we did not behave too well in another incarnation.  So, we run around like fools, thinking this is our only incarnation, not understanding that we are all subject to a software program.  And that software program can be programmed to mess everybody up.  Today, the software program is controlled by the spiritual council of the light.  So that means, now the rules have drastically changed.  That means everybody in the matrix, including myself, is accountable when we do malicious harm to others and when we ignore core truth that eventually brings harm to others.  World leaders today will be placed in a position (and everyone else going downward through the chain of command) where they will be made accountable.  This is why we have to get the science spot on.  Let’s move on. 

Now, I’m going to say something that is going to shock most people.  No one on this planet has died from the COVID-19 virus directly.  This virus, by itself, is not the killer.  So, what does this mean?  This means, on a scientific level, the COVID virus acts as a key to unlock certain pathways connected to a gene and within a gene.  In fact, this COVID-19 virus has the ability to not only unlock one gene, but it can unlock many other genes as well.  The more genes that the COVID virus unlocks, the more difficult it is for doctors to successfully treat the patient. 

I just got a thought that just came into me.  World leaders and politicians are placing so much emphasis on the doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, firefighters, etc. and they all have been labelled, “essential services.”  This may be true from a medical/health perspective.  But the greater essential services that the world political system has been successfully ignoring are those people, worldwide, that own and operate small businesses.  The best way to kill a strong economy is to stop/remove/suspend the operations of small businesses.  They are the true essential services.  And this has been grossly ignored by so many. 

I’m not steaming off.  And I’m not angry.  This is simply a discernment that I made and this is the answer that I was given.  I’m asking the world media to start putting emphasis on the importance of small businesses and don’t lose sight of their importance. 

So, still talking about my associate on the weekend…  Of course, we need to understand why the COVID-19 virus would activate or de-activate more than one gene to bring in more than one disease state in one’s physical body.  The answer to me is logical because I am gifted.  The answer to you simply may not make any sense.  But at age 8, all of us receive our past life soul from another incarnation we all came from.  That soul acts as an energy that transfers conscious memory to our genes.  And if we, in that other incarnation, did harm to humans, animals… we caused them to die or to lose a limb… you then would be, at age 8, predisposed to the COVID virus.

I know that I have mostly been talking about cruelty to animals in the past.  Now, in some cases, humans are now included.  I know it’s complicated. 

So, what we are learning from this truth is that not everyone at age 8 comes in with a soul that makes them predisposed to being infected and then die of the actual disease.  But when I say, “die”:  it is not of the COVID virus, but of other microbes/viruses/bacteria that are released by specific genes that have been triggered by the COVID virus. 

Here’s the big deal here…  Why would the matrix be programmed to make it so easy for man to overcome COVID unless man is prepared to acknowledge the gross cruelty that man continues to exhibit to animals and humans worldwide?  Why would it be so easy for man? 

So, here’s the scientific kicker.  We speak of the COVID virus causing other genes to release other forms of microbial activity.  So, we’re trying to understand what these microbial activities are.  And in every case, when we search for this microbial activity, we can’t find it.  Or at least, if we believe we’ve found it, we can’t analyze the DNA.  The particle is so small.  It’s less than nano.  This is the major reason, worldwide, why we do not have a collective understanding on the primary, sustainable treatment for all of those infected with the COVID virus. 

So, we’re sitting back thinking that the COVID virus is actually doing the dirty work.  But it’s not.  It is simply acting as a dog handler; metaphorically, it walks up to the dog cage and releases the hounds.  And the hounds eventually catch the fox.  I know it’s difficult for scientists, doctors who have trained for years, to embrace this truth.  I get it.  I really get it. 

And now, as we’ve learned that the COVID virus can release other microbe activity, with all of this going on in a human body, the vaccine becomes much more difficult.  So, the question with the release of these different microbial activities/specimens:  can one vaccine stop all of this?  And the answer is no.  And I know people have worked extremely hard around the world.  They have worked really hard.  And so, those who are infected with the COVID virus and have no symptoms, that virus could be dormant for 10 years in the bone marrow, as a small particle (less than nano), only to one day interact with other smaller particles, growing back to normal size and going after a specific gene. 

Now, allow me to explain this even more.  Yes, it goes after a specific gene.  But it’s not going after every cell in the human body that has genes.  It is going after a specific cell that houses the gene.  It’s like a needle in a haystack.  And it will penetrate that cell.  And the actual disease will start from that cell.  This is no different from most other disease states, with respect to how disease starts in the body. 

So, I know that people are dying.  But these people were predisposed to getting the disease.  This is not random.  So, politicians and leaders worldwide need to consider this possibility.  In fact, you don’t need to do anything.  Many of you are just going to keep doing what you’re doing, regardless of the facts. 

But I’m here to help our government in the future, on a level that is so profound.  I’m asking our government not to let God down and really take a hard look at what is being said here.  Really consider the potential catastrophic results that this can lead to, if we continue to disregard the importance of small businesses in the Canadian economy and other world economies.  The numbers in the United States look very scary.  They sure do.  But they are not that scary when you look at the fact that the United States have a population of over 300 million.  It is time that we really consider other possibilities that are not in the box.  What is in the box, as far as COVID is concerned, is not working. 

And of course, we are going to have a surge of cases when people go back to school, when people go back full-time to work.  But these are people who have been predisposed to this since age 8.  So, the world needs to understand more about the matrix. 

I am prepared to come to Ottawa and talk to all politicians about the matrix.  I am the extension of the matrix; I am the extension of the spiritual council.  So, what I speak, I speak with great authority.  And I say this, in this tone, because I love all of you.  We just need to have the complete truth about the matrix and COVID, and we can work this thing out very quickly. 

Children are not generally prone to COVID under the age of eight because they haven’t received their past life soul yet.  Now, children who do get COVID under the age of 8:  this is because of a belief that the child picked up from another incarnation through religion, passed onto the child from their grandfather or their great-grandfather.  This is because the child, in another incarnation, accepted the belief, “The sins of the fathers.”  And this is sad that this happens.  The good news about the matrix:  it is busy removing blanket false beliefs off 7 billion plus on this planet.  There have been a lot of major changes made to the matrix which cannot be discussed, but it’s really good for Canada and the rest of the world. 

All Canadians must realize, particularly the people in Québec (the separatists)…  And I love all of you.  But you must be slow with your tongue.  Do not speak of separation, as the matrix has made some major changes that will help the people of Québec.  I understand your issues, more than you yourselves understand the issues.  And the people of Québec who speak of separation:  I know all of you very well.  I have access to all matrix files on every human being.  I do not use this information to harm anyone.  I use it to understand everyone, work with the spiritual council and have them agree to certain matrix changes.  They approve the changes and they make the changes.  Thank God I don’t make the changes.  That’s way too much responsibility LOL! 

So, I think we are just about done.  And I would like to say that we should all be proud to be Canadian.  We must not be forced by outsiders to bring in policies that will weaken our economy, and allow the outsiders to experience their own personal orgasm of war, and not really give a damn about any other country.  And our government needs to repair its relationship with China.  We must also not get involved in trade wars.  This is only designed to weaken our economy and allow the outsiders to continue to provoke other countries for the purpose of achieving their war orgasm.  It is so sad that I even have to make this statement. 

My heart goes out to all of those who struggle with COVID.  However, certain changes have been made in the matrix that will make it easier for most people around the world. 

Back to my research…



PS  Get this around the world please.  We need the world to understand this truth.  And the world just needs to get prepared for the surge of potential new cases.  But through time, this will eventually drop off.  Eventually, there will be very few cases of COVID.  We just have to make a responsible decision and say which is worse:  the world economy crashing, taking us into a potential world war and having 100 million people die or deal with the current case levels of people surviving and people dying?  Which is worse?  We do not need to worry about World War III.  That has been corrected in the matrix.  So, simply move forward with complete trust in God.  Don’t spend too much time thinking about something you can’t see.  That’s my job.  You focus on what you can see.