Continuation of February 27, 2019 Message

February 27, 2019 - 1:33pm

As we continue our topic on forgiveness within this matrix, how many people would have thought a person with such a significant scientific mind would be talking about religion?  Now, I know that 80% of the people who read the preceding message would be extremely happy; 20% of the people would not be so happy. So, the 80% must have some deeper knowledge than those of the 20%.  Allow me to further explain.

The matrix is where bad karma and good karma are paid.  In this matrix, we have very little free will.  Outside the matrix, where many of us have goofed up in a bad way, we had 100% free will.  So, what’s been happening:  those in the 100% free will environment would get others to forgive them, in order to prevent them from going through their bad karma in the matrix.  But the good thing about the matrix is, from time to time, there are windows of opportunity for all of us to take back what we have spoken, what we have agreed to, and any oaths we have pledged to others in the 100% free will incarnation.  So, the good news is, in the matrix, if we want to, we can be set free from those who tricked us to take on their karma.  The 80% are happy because they are going to get their good karma back and will be free of going through someone else’s bad karma.

I have discerned that Jesus did not tell people to forgive man.  Instead, he told people to let go of all their revenge towards man and that only God can forgive.  Simon Peter deliberately misled the world.  I have now realized this is one of the top fundamental issues that maintains religious conflict between Judaism and Christianity.  

Considering that Judaism is the minority on this planet, it makes more sense to me that they are correct.  Allow me to give you this analogy.  Those who earn the big bucks in the stock market, do the opposite of what the majority is doing.  So, when you take a look at Judaism, they live a life where they are very careful not to create a bad karmic debt.  Most live their life that only God can forgive, while Christians live the life that they (Christians) can forgive one another.  Meanwhile, throughout history, the Jewish people have controlled the banks.  They have prospered.  They give back to their own community.  Why?  Because they’re not coming back, life after life, to go through incredible bad karma.  Instead, they avoid the bad karma and they are blessed more for it.  I am now starting to get it.  The core Jewish population of 14.5 million vs 7 billion people worldwide… 

May I suggest that you start re-evaluate your beliefs and make changes to conform to what is being suggested in today’s posting?  I am not asking anyone to convert to Judaism.  And I am not asking anyone to be anti-Semitic.  All I am asking you to do is to try to live of life of not incurring serious karmic debt, from one life to the next.  When we let go of our revenge towards another, it means that you don’t come back into another incarnation with that person to either have them do the same harm to you, or you get even with them.  Instead, when you let go of your revenge towards others, the matrix will either have them go through the same experience (not through you) or it will have the person go through a chronic, serious illness to pay the debt.  In the 100% free will incarnation, genetic diseases do not exist.  They only exist in the matrix.  We all have to get with the program.  But more importantly, many will have to go through and pay their karmic debts in this matrix, in this incarnation.  But those who are going through paying off their karmic debt need to really embrace today’s entire message.  The days of others offering protection from going through their bad karma are over.

I would also say to all the psychics, witches, priests and everyone else that cursed many, directly or indirectly, in the 100% free will incarnation, causing people to go through car accidents, suicide, financial loss, and much more:  many of these individuals will be facing something similar in this incarnation, in the matrix.  This includes those who are conduits for passing karma on behalf of major and minor Christian religious institutions:  the outcome for these individuals is not good either. 

I am not happy, in any way, to see anyone suffer.  Too many people on this planet believe they can do whatever they want—take the life of someone’s family member, or even take the lives of an entire family—and believe that they could pass this bad karmic debt to someone else, to someone else’s family and have that family go through the same experience for them.  Once again, these days are over.  Start, from this moment on, to wish good things for others and do good things for others.  And please do not underestimate what I have said today.  I am here to help everyone.

I’m done.  That’s it for now.