Future Radio Broadcast Schedule

February 27, 2019 - 11:05am

Today, we are announcing that we are not pre-scheduling our live broadcasts.  Instead, we are going to record half-hour segments on key subjects, from time to time, so that you can listen on your own time.  That way, your Sundays will be freed up but you still will be able to stay informed and learn about different topics that can help you and your family.  

This is a result of many changes that have taken place within the matrix to give many a better life, a better future.  More importantly, the matrix has made everyone, including myself, more accountable for our actions.  Based on the knowledge that I have of the matrix today, I strongly urge everyone not to commit any malicious act against another, particularly an act that causes the death of another.  Anyone who does this is 100% accountable and will not be able to unethically/maliciously pass their karmic debt to another or to a group of others.  

This issue has been a sore spot that I have dealt with for years.  I have watched myself and others take on bad karma for others, to take on extreme suffering for others.  I have worked extremely hard with the spiritual council that manages the matrix. They have conceded to the changes and no one on this planet is Teflon any more.  The change in the matrix means that there is going to be a greater chance for peace around the world.  There will be a greater chance for suppressed scientific technologies to be seen not as a threat, but as a necessity.  As the matrix has awarded me with being the number one scientific mind on all subjects of science in the world, I will be helping to bring such technologies forward.  The next three years, and in particular the next three months, the world will experience profound changes.  

One of the main reasons why many people end up taking on others' bad karma and others' suffering is because we forgave others.  Forgiveness only falls into the hands of God.  In the past, I have spoken on why it is important to forgive, not realizing I was not completely correct.  And I guess I had to go through this entire experience to understand this truth on a higher level, so that I could teach this to the world.  I thought the Jewish people were incorrect when they say, "Only God forgives."  I now acknowledge that they are correct.  Even the Lord's Prayer is not correct and I would advise people not to repeat it.  

What I do understand:  that we can let go of our revenge towards another who harms us, let go of revenge towards ourselves, and simply accept that we cannot forgive another; only God can forgive.  By doing this, it is our best insurance policy to prevent the dark side from passing on all their bad karma to you, after you have already forgiven them for their malicious past deeds. I realize that what we are saying here is worse than throwing a big boulder into a quiet pond.  

Many of you, on your own, should sit by yourself and say out loud that all the people, past, present and future, that you have forgiven, you denounce and you put everything in the hands of God, for God to forgive them.  And you should say out loud that you let go of all your personal revenge against others and against yourself.  You really need to clearly understand this.  This means that, if you have a relative on their death bed asking for forgiveness from you:  do not fall into the trap.  You simply say to them that you cannot forgive them—only God can—but that you will let go of all your revenge towards them. 

Now, let’s put everything into proper perspective here.  If you did forgive that relative on their death bed, you would come back into a subsequent incarnation and go through their bad karma for them.  They would be set free.  And you would have a life of potential misery.  Those who choose to accept this truth are wise.  They have made the right decision.

With this recent matrix change, many individuals will be receiving new genetic programming, where they would have taken on a sickness on behalf of someone else, because they came into this incarnation with another’s bad karma.  This whole issue of letting go of personal revenge vs forgiveness needs to be clearly understood and practiced every day. I suggest that you have a family gathering and let every family member know this truth.  

In the meantime, we are moving forward, trying to understand the new matrix changes.  Until we really understand them, we are not going to be doing live broadcasts. Instead, we will do periodic postings of pre-recorded messages.  Our number one interest is to help seven billion people plus, instead of a very small group of individuals.  The matrix has now allowed me the opportunity to gain access to seven billion plus.  We are working on special technologies that will help to reduce wars, that will help to improve health, and one particular technology that will help to save tens of millions of lives over time.  How you can help us is to continue to support what we are doing, tell everyone about our BioClair Digestive Enzymes (http://BioClair.ca) and…

Let me tell you about what happened to me this morning.  I was driving to McDonald’s to buy a cup of coffee.  I discerned if I could order a black coffee.  And the answer came back yes.  Then I discerned if I could have cow’s milk with my coffee.  And the answer came back no.  So, I asked, “If I take BioClair Digestive Enzymes with the cow’s milk in the coffee, can I order my coffee this way?” And the answer came back yes. Further, I asked, “Does the combination of the enzymes, the cow’s milk and the coffee help to create a healthy negative charge, chemically speaking, in my body?”  And the answer came back yes.  I then asked, “If I took the cow’s milk in the coffee without the enzymes, would it trigger my pancreas to release insulin?”  And the answer came back yes.  Now, this may seem to be something small and insignificant, but if you are taking coffee with cream every day—maybe three times a day—this potentially can lead to a pancreatic disease over time.  I have also discerned:  the more your pancreas releases insulin, the quicker you will age.  I don’t know about you, but I want to live past my 90’s and look young.  I want to have my baby face at 90.  

So, I think I have said enough today.  I’m going to go and safely enjoy my McDonald’s cup of coffee with cream and BioClair Digestive Enzymes