Important News Update on COVID-19

May 26, 2020 - 10:00am

I’d like to begin by saying hello to everyone.  I hope you are all well.  Many of you are missing the radio broadcasts.  We hope to get the broadcasts back in motion next month. 

In the meantime, I ask that you get this message out to as many people as possible, particularly people of influence over large masses.  It is time for everyone in this country and around the world to take their heads out of the sand.  And it is time for world politicians to find a way to get this truth out to the world. 

Those of you who are spiritually gifted and those of you who have the gift to discern truth, whether it is by way of thought or by using the pendulum:  ask the universe/God/Christ to confirm to you if all the information in the following article is truth.  Please do not be afraid to ask the question.  When you find out that the following message is truth, discern what you are supposed to do with this truth.  And do not be afraid.  You can even discern that I am not afraid of anyone.  Just maybe God.  That’s true.  But I am not afraid of man.  And all of mankind should share the same fear that I have with God, particularly when one ignores this message and they do nothing more to save another human being. 

Let’s get on with the message. 

Almost all karmic disease, almost all sudden death disease is facilitated by some form of energy.  So, let me talk about myself for a moment.  I don’t have COVID-19.  For a month, I have been walking around without a mask.  I simply assumed that I would not end up with COVID-19.  But to my surprise, I was heading towards getting COVID-19.  I just discerned that this morning.  And so, the reason why I was walking around without a mask on is because of a belief that I had in another incarnation.  And believe you me, I do feel like a dumb ass, walking around without a mask.  You see, I had a belief in the Ten Commandments at face value. 

And I know that Christ came some 2,000 years ago, where he gave us two suggested ideas to replace the Ten Commandments, namely to love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, and to love your neighbour as yourself.  He gave us these two suggested ideas because he knew we were all in the matrix.  And in the matrix, this is where sowing and reaping is paid.  So, unfortunately, in order for people to go through their bad karma, people could not go through it if they took the Ten Commandments at face value.  But this is not the only reason.  There are many other reasons why he gave us the two suggested ideas on how to live. 

When Christ came, he was absolutely not about religion.  He was not about one religion or one church hording his teachings, and furthermore, misinterpreting his teachings and much more.  He came for all of mankind.  It’s just back then, the teachings of Christ/God fell into the wrong hands.  And these individuals created a new platform, denouncing past lives and making people make oaths to them, so that they came back every incarnation with much power over many, and their power grew every incarnation where they tricked people to make oaths to them.  Today, we have very powerful people with billions that got that way from many past lives through religion, causing people to make oaths to them.  And the reason why these people are powerful is that, if you made an oath to someone from a past life, and you break that oath:  that oath gives that individual permission to punish you. 

So, one of the important requirements for you in this life, before you die and pass on, is to let go of all your oaths/loyalty oaths that you may have to anyone.  This is very important.  It’s important for you to know:  you cannot get out of this matrix if you have an oath to anyone.  And believe you me, outside this matrix, there are other planets/mansions that are much more beautiful than this planet, much more peaceful than this planet, and much more truthful than this planet.  When I start doing my radio broadcasts again sometime soon, join me and learn more.

So, getting back to myself, as I continue my own personal story with you…  In another incarnation, I did cause animals to die, but never in a malicious way.  In my other incarnations, I ran over animals with the car, I took the life of an animal in self-defence, and I put down an animal because it was sick.  And I likely put down an animal for food, to feed the family.  Those who know me, you know I love animals in a huge way, that I would not kill an animal for sport and I would not allow an animal to live in poor conditions.  I could not do research on animals, causing animals to be paralyzed or to die.  I just could not do it.  I realize that all animals have a consciousness.  They are aware of their surroundings.  And the fact that all animals can be trained to do something:  this must be true.

So, having said that, with the subconscious baggage attached to my soul that I came into this matrix with, I created a matrix software program for the animals that I caused injury to in another incarnation to punish me.  This is because I accepted, “Thou shall not kill.”  I have further discerned, everyone who got the COVID-19 virus had the same past life understanding that, “Thou shall not kill.”  I also discerned that if no one accepted, “Thou shall not kill,” at face value, the COVID-19 virus would not be attached to anyone.  Of course, outside this statement, it doesn’t mean that man in his lack of wisdom and a greater stupidity would not create a lab virus that mimics COVID-19.  This does not stop man from achieving this higher level of stupidity.  Nonetheless, focussing on the spiritual reasons why we got COVID-19 in the first place:  it is because we accepted at face value, the Ten Commandments, or accepted these beliefs outside Christianity and other religions. 

I know many people now that are now practising in their work environment, making promises to others and adding to the promise statement, “subject to the best of my ability.”  And you can even go a step further and say, “subject to my own discretion,” and every further, “subject to God’s will.”

We all must understand that there is a terrible battle in this matrix between evil and good.  The evil wants us to hang onto the Ten Commandments at face value because this keeps us in the matrix in a perpetual motion of suffering.  Evil does not like us to have flexibility.  And evil wants us to forgive each other, whereas the matrix, and the 100% free will incarnation that we all came from, are both programmed where only God forgives.  Evil has set up a false belief among mankind to make man believe we can forgive each other.  The reason why evil does this is because, when man forgives evil or someone else, the spiritual debt that has been created (i.e. bad karma) goes back to the one that forgave the other who injured them.  Instead, we should just let go of our anger and revenge towards those who injure us or our loved ones.  Religion, for the most part, does not want to accept this.  It has been a struggle since the time of Christ.

Remember:  absolute power corrupts absolutely.  It’s all about power and money.  This planet needs to think about whether we need to continue believing that money can solve all of our problems.  And of course, when one reaches a deeper matrix understanding, at the end of the day, money solves very little. 

Right now, the world is on a fast-moving train, heading for a big wreck.  And when I make this statement, it’s only a snapshot of what is potentially going on now.  As this information is posted today, it will likely help to change the overall level of consciousness and divert the train from going through a wreck.  Everything is basically a snapshot of what’s going on.  This is why it is very difficult to predict the future.  What I do know to be truth:  when people of influence ignore my messages, whatever that situation may be, it likely will get worse.

So, this morning, I went to God and I asked God to forgive me for accepting at face value the Ten Commandments.  And once again, I embraced the two suggested ways of life that Christ presented to the world.  I also asked God to forgive me if I forgave anyone.  And I asked God to disconnect the stars that are working through me that belong to the animals that I caused injury to in another incarnation, that I be set free from this energy and that any energy that I have on me that I may not be aware of that attract the COVID-19 virus to me.  We went through the healing and it went through.  I’m still going to be extra careful.  It doesn’t mean that I may not get the virus.  It just means that it’s not going to kill me.  It will be like a flu.  But I know my physical body, at the end of the day, will destroy the virus completely.  Why?  Because the spiritual gunpowder attached to a specific COVID-19 virus gene has been removed. 

So, the world needs to know this truth and go to God, through the Christ consciousness.  Why?  That’s because that’s how it is set up.  Do a healing on yourself. 

Now, some of the people who have died of COVID-19, besides believing at face value, “Thou shall not kill,” they may have maliciously killed animals in another lifetime or they may have taken on someone else’s bad karma.  One must be very careful with evil.  Evil always comes, pretending to be your best friend, only to one day slaughter you or others around you.  Be careful with the oaths/commitments you make to others.  Do not say to someone that you will always do something for them or you will never do something.  This should be avoided completely.

From Day 1, I discerned that the COVID-19 virus was directly connected to how we treated animals, in this incarnation and other incarnations.  We have noticed that there is a higher percentage of people getting infected with COVID-19 who work at meat packing plants.  These individuals who are being infected likely have or had in a past life a strong religious connection.  In addition, everyone would have had a gene that said they were predisposed to receiving the COVID-19.  Thus, if an authentic test were available to confirm this, it would show that this virus is not random.  Furthermore, it would allow these individuals to be helped both on a spiritual level and on a scientific/medical level.  This is where everyone, at this point, really needs to take their head out of the sand. 

This test should be created right away.  The world does not need to continue to pump trillions into the world economy/just simply print money and hope it’s going to go away, eventually crippling the world economy, and causing some large scale, stupid war.  And there are many in power, unfortunately, that want this stupid war.  They believe, in the matrix, they are untouchable.  We need to get the scientific and medical communities, and the universities and academics to come up with a quick test to show if someone is pre-disposed to COVID-19.  We need to confirm and certify, very quickly… I mean very quickly… that COVID-19 is not random.  We can’t walk through life saying, “This virus is just a mystery.”  We need all to wake up. 

I have offered my help to work with an intelligent, humble research team to help develop the proper vaccine and, in this case, help develop a test to show if someone is pre-disposed to COVID-19.  I know that when I die and pass on, my conscience will be clear, my karma will be clear because I have tried my best to try to solve the COVID-19 problem worldwide.  I don’t want to be in a position where I cross over and I was supposed to do something to help others and I did not. 

In the recent news, I heard about the Mayor of Toronto, Canada, John Tory, who did not wear a mask at a recent public event.  What John doesn’t realize is that he may be programmed to receive the COVID-19 virus because of a similar belief that I had.  I know John’s past lives.  He did not maliciously harm any animals.  So, he needs to go before God and do the same thing I did.  It may not 100% prevent him from getting the virus if he does this, but if he did get it, it shouldn’t kill him.  John is a good man.  He has done an incredible job as Mayor for Toronto.  And there are many other people walking around with masks that likely share the same belief that I had.  These are the individuals that need to know this message. 

Even the President of the United States, Donald Trump… and I know his past lives… on a subconscious level, shares the same belief that I had.  He needs to go before God and ask for complete forgiveness.  And he needs to get this message to the world.  If there is anyone that has enough courage to get this message to the world, it certainly would be Donald Trump because he has a lot of backbone, whereas most world leaders don’t have any.  I say to the President of the United States:  if you are looking to redeem yourself, this is a very good way to do it.

Now, let’s talk about the surge of new cases of COVID-19 that the experts are saying we will likely have.  You have to be a complete idiot not to think that we are going to have an increase of COVID-19 cases after the economy opens up wide.  The people who have stayed home that are predisposed genetically to get the virus will likely end up with the virus, as they all come out of their self-isolation.  This is why this test is so critical to have. 

Again, it will prove that this virus is not random.  Anyone who is a physics major/professor:  if you are teaching that this universe is random, you should reconsider your thinking.  You’re not looking at the bigger picture and you’re not looking at the other side of the math equation.  Remember:  in physics, at least 40% of it is theory (I actually put that number up to 70%) and most physics teachers/professors really do not believe in what they are teaching their students.  In fact, I have a university student that reported to me that her professor, in front of the class, confirmed that he did not believe in what he was teaching, that it was just theory, and tried to remember the theory.  

Now, if I say that I would like to be in front of 5,000 physics majors and do a one-day research session on various physics topics and have the cameras rolling on me and the audience, and then, if I said I would do it:  they would want to set up a structure where I am guaranteed to look like an idiot in front of everybody, whereby they ask me the questions and I am not allowed to ask any questions.  But I’m okay with this.  I know by the scientific community ignoring me…  Not all.  But those who ignore me who have the capability to help confirm this truth and they don’t:  they create bad karma.  And in a subsequent incarnation, they will pay the debt, as the bill always arrives. 

But having said that, the surge that we will expect worldwide as the economies open up, it will affect those who are predisposed to receiving the virus.  The good news:  if one is sincere, by going to God, this gene can be shut down.  Only if one is sincere.  It doesn’t work for those who are the fakers.  In other words, those who have a faker gene, it won’t work for. 

Okay, I’m tired.  I’ve said enough.  Help get this message out to everybody.  I’m tired of blowing my own horn.  And it’s not logical.  I mean, no way is it logical to pump trillions into the world economies that we can’t afford to do, on a very weak hypothesis that this virus is random.  Yes, I understand that it appears to be random but it’s not.  But I do know that if I was not gifted, I would probably believe that this COVID-19 virus is random, without a doubt.

Okay reader, do your work and get this out to everybody.  Check with your local post office and find out who you can mail to in your own country, at no cost. 

I’m taking the rest of the week off and we’ll get a message out to you next week.  Now, some people in a position of influence:  I have already discerned how you will receive this message.  My intent is not to make you look like an idiot.  My intent is to help you not create bad karma, protect your soul and do the right thing before God.  That’s all.  Sometimes, tough love is needed.