Information to Help Our Canadian Federal Government and Their Provincial Counterparts

May 28, 2020 - 1:00pm

Good day to all of you and welcome to our website.  The following message is not my opinion; it is a message that has been carefully discerned.  It is backed by the full weight of the spiritual council.  It now has a hands-on approach to what is going on worldwide.  These messages are not here for one’s own personal entertainment. These messages are provided to all to help make it easier for mankind.  And of course, the message is always given with love.  But at the same time, should you choose to ignore this message after you have read it, I have no attachment whatsoever to your decision.  My job is only to deliver the message.  That is all. 

Once again, many people believe that we have 100% free will.  Many religions believe we have 100% free will.  But, for example, it’s not logical to believe that we have 100% free will if we are born to experience a genetic disease.  It simply is not logical.  That genetic disease that brings in sickness, in most cases, is as a result of something that one did in another incarnation where one had 100% free will. 

So, because we ignore this one fundamental point, we are not able to deal with the real reason why people get sick.  For example, there is not one medical doctor who could truly tell me the core reason why someone got a genetic cancer.  Not one.  But I can sit in front of 5,000 doctors and go over every type of cancer that exists and tell them what the person did in another incarnation to come into this matrix, only to experience cancer.  I say I will do it.  But when I say this and people read of this, they remain silent.  And I want to help the world so badly.  But I know everything is on God’s time.

It is important for all Canadians and the world to understand that the matrix is where we go through good or bad karma.  And if this were our only incarnation, no one would be going through bad karma.  Bad karma is only paid in a subsequent incarnation.  It is never paid in the same incarnation.  That is what sowing and reaping is all about.  So, we really need to get our heads out of the sand.  By us not doing this, we are missing the boat and we are setting ourselves up to all come back into another incarnation and experience the same thing. 

We have to work together to get off of this matrix treadmill.  Those who do not believe in other incarnations, in every case, are here to go through bad karma.  The matrix has programmed each and every one of them never to find the core truth through their own religion.  This is a big lesson for all of them. 

The other incarnation that I refer to, I call, the original dominant free will.  Short form, ODFW.  But I would rather call it ODF.  It sounds better LOL.  So, in the ODF, I have learned through many individuals who came into this matrix from their most recent incarnation that they went through World War III.  And in the ODF, almost every one of them killed one or more people.  They killed them to defend their family and their property at the time that the world was going through World War III. 

It dawned on me the reason why Americans love guns is because many Americans have the same memory from their own ODF.  So, if WWIII were to take place today, the Americans who have their assault rifles would have a better chance if America was invaded by a foreign army…. or never mind about an army, if their homes were invaded by other Americans looking for water, food and supplies.  And we know this is likely because history recalls the Civil War, where in America, the North fought against the South.  That could easily happen today in a major, major crisis. 

So, getting back to these people who killed others:  they all have to ask God to forgive them for taking the lives of others.  Because in their ODF, they learned the Ten Commandments through their religion.  And that really messed them up.  They took, “Thou shall not kill,” at face value, which meant in the ODF, after they killed others to defend their families and subsequently when they died, they came into this matrix, being separated from God, and believing that they should be punished in the matrix for killing these individuals.  Once I discerned that they did not do it with malicious intent, they were able to go through the forgiveness. 

Christ knew about the matrix.  When he spoke of many mansions, he was referring to many different universes.  But when I say, “Christ,” I’m not talking about religion.  I’m talking about common sense.  He knew about karma and he knew that the matrix was where we paid our karma.  And of course, it was very difficult for him to talk about this because he was faced with people who simply could not hear the message.

So, having said all of that, people who are going through COVID-19, worldwide, is to do with karma.  The current crisis between the United States and China has to do with karma.  China currently owes the United States bad karma.  The Canadian federal government does not owe the United States’ government any financial bad karma.  And the Canadian government does not owe China any financial bad karma.  Unfortunately, Canada is stuck in the middle of this crisis.  And to some Americans, they view Canada as the dumb cousin.  This is a time when Canada needs to have very strong backbone and do what is just and do what is right.

As I have said months ago, the COVID-19 virus spiritually, in this matrix, is directly connected to how we treated animals and further connected to our religious beliefs of accepting the Ten Commandments at face value.  And this is the lesson that many Christians today are going through:  that they have accepted the Ten Commandments at face value with no wiggle room and they come into this matrix to punish themselves, where they attract the COVID-19 virus to themselves, different cancers, different diseases and different traumas, further supported through religion (again) by foolishly accepting at face value, Eye for an eye and The sins of the forefathers.  This is the bad karma that many Christians and other religions are paying the price for in this matrix, for accepting such a rigid belief.  Once again, we should believe to love our neighbour as thyself and to love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength, to the best of our ability and subject to one’s own discretion, and further subject to God’s will.  But we have to be careful when we say, “Subject to God’s will.”  This only implies what we are all programmed to go through in this matrix, based on sowing and reaping.  God’s will is every possible experience you can think of in this matrix.  God’s will is not always a romance and an incredible fantasy.  If you really want to talk about God’s will in the ODF, God’s will is to listen to the message of Christ and scrap the Ten Commandments at face value. 

Moving along, Planet Earth has the ability to release 144 different viruses to mankind.  To date, Planet Earth has released, throughout history, 50 of those 144 viruses.  Planet Earth can use animals as transporters to deliver a virus to the human population.  There is a virus that the Earth could release that could easily wipe out all of mankind.  And there is no antidote for it.  See, what’s going on here:  God is giving man a heads-up for us to be in balance with nature, with common sense.  The more that we are out of balance, the greater chance there will be different viruses released by Mother Earth in the future.  I don’t mean to sound new age when I say, “Mother Earth,” but many people today can relate to that language.

So, on a collective conscious basis, we really need to understand why this planet is going through COVID-19 and teach the world the truth in order to take the world into a different direction.  Because the direction that we are heading into is not very good.  The spiritual council is going to be very tough on those in their subsequent incarnations who maliciously violate the human race, the environment and this planet.  Unfortunately, for many souls, when they pass on, it will have been their last incarnation, as their soul, astral body, light body, and spirit will become dark matter.  Yes, I know it’s a tough message.  But if I can save one human being from going through this experience, this message is worth it. 

So many people ask the question, “Where is all this bailout money coming from?”  They’re asking the question, “Why did Obama shut down his government and cause government employees to go without a pay cheque?”  And I asked, “Where was the bailout money?”  And many Canadians who I talk to are asking, “Why was there not bailout money to help support education programs, autism programs, disability programs, special needs programs...?”  People are just asking.  And many who I talk to are fearful of the future.  Where is all this leading to?  How can the US, over seven months, pump seven trillion into their economy? 

Let’s get back on track here.  The important proof that the COVID-19 virus was not random will be when the economies are opened up and we see the surge go up, then eventually level off, and only over the next twenty years we hear about the odd case of one receiving the COVID-19 virus.  The medical system in Canada now has an infrastructure set up to treat new cases.  This infrastructure will make it easier for the general public.  The current extremely painful COVID-19 test needs to be replaced with another test.  And the general public should be advised of what is actually involved before taking the test.  The proposed antibody test is not the test that shows whether or not someone is predisposed to getting the COVID-19 virus. 

I’m only trying to help here.  I offered to help the world with the vaccine.  I have offered.  At least when I pass on, I don’t have the blood of someone else on my hands, because I did not do the right thing.  I ask God to give all of mankind greater wisdom and greater understanding.  Please do not compromise the world economy and drag us into a major war.  Please.

I have discerned the overall message.  This message is 100% truthful.  I did say I was going to take it easy for the rest of the week.  But I got a telephone call from God LOL.

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PS  I have discerned that many politicians have a chronic fear/thought in their alpha brain wave of being infected with COVID-19.  These politicians that I speak of really should not ignore this message.  Take it with love.  Go to God and ask forgiveness for harming animals on any level in your ODF…  Good luck.