News Flash

October 31, 2019 - 5:48pm

I regret to inform you that I am still on my sabbatical and I have discerned that I am not do a broadcast on Friday, November 1.  I really wanted to do the broadcast because I have recently learned of a particular free universe experience that we all have come from called the reality universe.  The significance of this finding is that it is the main reference point for me to study to understand why someone comes into the matrix to receive good karma and/or to receive bad karma.  What I realize more than ever is that, when we enter the matrix, one of the first casualties is truth.  

As I compare certain situations, discerning what someone went through in the reality universe and what they suffer in this matrix, it is absolutely shocking.  You see, the person who is suffering in this matrix was not so nice in the reality universe, where the karmic debt was created.  But yet, in the matrix, the person appears to be extremely nice, while suffering.  More and more, I am really accepting that there are no victims in this matrix, only volunteers.   What I mean is, for every type of horrible human interaction/reaction/experience that takes place on this planet within this matrix, it is because someone was not completely innocent in the reality universe.  

It could also be because someone made stupid oaths to other people to die for them and to suffer for them, when they were in the reality universe.  When we make such oaths, and we leave the reality universe, those oaths follow us into the matrix.  And what happens is very shocking.  Instead of the person who one made the oath to going through their bad karma in the matrix, the one who made the oath to the other who created the bad karmic debt ends up in the matrix, paying the karmic debt for one they made the oath to.

My advice to every human being on this planet:  under no circumstances do you make an oath to another to die for them, to suffer for them, to obey them, to be loyal to them.  You never do this.  Because once you enter the matrix and you have made these oaths in the reality universe:  the person or persons that you made the oath to will own you.  Never become a fool and allow another human to own you.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I am looking at the reality universe more closely to understand what the truth is, on many different topics.  I know I promised to talk about leaky gut, global warming, and veggie burgers.  I am going to make sideline comments on these topics on my next broadcast, on November 8.  But there is another topic that I think I need to get out:  I need to help so many women and men understand more truth about abortions.  I went into the reality universe and confirmed twelve justifiable reasons where a woman can have abortions and be free of paying consequences in the matrix.  And in this next broadcast, there will be a firm message for men, what happens to them eventually in the matrix when they flatly refuse to allow women to have abortions within certain parameters.  It is because of this new access to the reality universe that I am not allowed to do a broadcast this week.  I will be receiving new information, over the course of the week, which I will share with you next week Friday.  And remember, the easiest way to diffuse an argument… one of many… is to say to the other person, “You may be right.”  

Now, before I leave you here, I would like to thank all of you who have been purchasing our BioClair Digestive Enzymes, particularly the repeat purchasers.  I know you are getting a huge benefit.  I have spoken to you before about not combining cows’ milk with coffee.  And I know that when I drink cows’ milk with coffee, it causes a harmful, positive chemical charge in my digestive system.  But when I take the BioClair Digestive Enzymes just prior to taking my coffee with cream, it will cause a healthy, negative charge chemical reaction in my digestive system.  

What I am recognizing more is that, if someone has bloating, heartburn, excess gas, is stressed out over life, etc:  all of these situations create a harmful, positive charge chemical reaction in the digestive system.  Furthermore, everything that goes on in the human body is all based on a chemical charge.  Everything.  Good health is all about being in a state of a healthy, negative chemical charge.  

I suggest that every household should have BioClair Digestive Enzymes in their medicine cabinet.  This is a product that you can buy, not just for yourself to use, but for others.  Take it with you to restaurants, on vacation, or if you do a lot of driving, particularly driving home at the end of the day.  You’re stuck in traffic:  take three BioClair Digestive Enzymes and these enzymes will perk you right up, allowing you to focus much better while you are driving.  And the office parties that many of you will go to… even the lunches where you have one, or two, or three glasses of wine, etc:  take our enzymes immediately following and feel how they will allow you to focus much better.  This is not to say that if you are impaired, it will prevent you from crashing your vehicle.  BioClair Digestive Enzymes take the edge off your overindulgence in alcohol but do not remove the overall impairment sensation.  So please, don’t drink and drive.  And don’t smoke pot and drive.  

I have discussed the following before too.  When someone is experiencing a hangover, this is the time that brain neurons are at risk of being compromised, shutdown, etc.  When this happens, there is a positive chemical charge taking place in the body.  And at the time of the hangover, if you take four of our BioClair Digestive Enzymes, they will help to relieve your hangover, by changing the harmful, positive chemical charge to a healthy, negative chemical charge.  So, think about what I’ve just presented to you.  Why would you allow yourself to do harm to yourself?  When your brain neurons are gone, it’s not so easy to replace them.  So, wake up lol.  I’m trying to help you.  You can order them online, with free shipping, at https://bioclair.ca.  We have a special on right now:  order 3 bottles, and you will only be charged for 2.  This will make an excellent Christmas stocking stuffer for adults.

Now, having said that, some of you may have done all of this in the reality universe.  You may have harmed someone while driving.  And you may have a debt to pay in this matrix.  But I hope this is not the case for you.  Remember:  there are no victims, only volunteers.  Act responsibly and do no harm to another.  In the meantime, enjoy BioClair Digestive Enzymes and tell your friends about them.  

If all goes well, I’ll be doing a broadcast next week.