News Flash

November 26, 2019 - 4:36pm

This message is not intended to judge or criticize anyone; it is only here to bring this issue to our higher conscious state, to find a workable solution.  

Over the past several weeks, Bryan has been speaking about the earth shifting off its axis from 1/2 of 1%, to 5/8 of 1%, to 7/8 of 1%.  Now, it has shifted again, as of this date, to 1% off its axis.  He has discerned that in the last 100 years, if there had been no underground nuclear testing, the earth would not be off its axis, we would not be looking at extreme flooding in and around the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe, and we would not be learning about the 6.4-magnitude Albanian earthquake. 

On November 25, the Guardian.co.uk website reported that a violent storm has led to flooding and landslides in France, Italy and Greece.  The website reported that in France, "the Argens River rose seven metres," and that, "...three months' worth of rain had fallen in less than 48 hours."  While it stated that French authorities did not attribute the storm to global warming, as storms are common for them at this time of year, the French meteorological office stated that they "...have noted an increase in the intensity of the rains."  Bryan has discerned that the increased intensity is attributable to global warming on some level, particularly when we study the sun on a physics level.  In northern Italy, it was reported that an overpass collapsed due to this storm.  Earlier this month, Venice was 85% underwater after severe flooding, the worst it has experienced in 50 years.  The Guardian stated that Greece reported "storms... leaving a trail of 'biblical destruction...'"  In the UK at the time of writing, the Independent.co.uk was reporting that “after a month of severe flooding… the [expected] heavy rain poses further risk, with 77 flood alerts across England and Wales and nine severe flood warnings across England… In some places… [they] have seen two weeks’ worth of rain when compared to the November average… and there is definitely more to come.”

The latest Albanian earthquake (according to CNN, at the time of writing) has killed 18 and injured more than 600.  Albania has had several smaller earthquakes over the last three months, and even longer than that.  Bryan has discerned that in the last twenty years, most of the Albanian and surrounding earthquake centres have been mostly due to the history of Russian underground nuclear testing.  It would only be a highly compassionate act for Russia to provide most of the foreign aid to rebuild Albania.  Unfortunately, there is still more for Albania to endure.  Because of the earth now being 1% off its axis, it will not make things easier for Albania, as those underground radiation pockets shift.

Bryan wants to stress to all authentic and legitimate politicians, scientists and activists:  greenhouse gases do not cause global warming.  He asks those of you who are legitimate to take a serious interest in learning more about the impact of underground nuclear testing on the stability of Planet Earth.  It is now time for all of us to take our heads out of the sand.  It takes one of courage to speak publicly about this issue.  Bryan has discerned that the core issue with global warming is that the world political, scientific and activist arenas do not understand what global warming is; they are just chasing their tails.  Furthermore, once the world understands the scientific relationship between the sun and the earth, with respect to what is going on in Europe, that is when we will all hopefully come around.

The earth being off its axis as a result of underground nuclear testing is going to continue to play a major role in triggering earthquakes and flooding worldwide.  Flooding and severe weather patterns will be further compounded with/by the imbalance of certain energies that come from the sun.  The sun is the major manager for all rainfall on this planet.  Bryan will go into this deeper in future broadcasts.

Join us this Friday, December 6, as we will be posting a broadcast on the 12 justifiable situations in which a woman can have an abortion, without building bad karma.  Okay, we'll see you then...