News Flash

December 11, 2019 - 10:02am

Good day to all of you.  I would like to take this opportunity to share with you new knowledge that I have gained, by using my gift of discernment.  The following message is not intended to scare the crap out of you, make you worry, or have you judge, criticize or condemn another, or even yourself.  This information is given for us to be aware of why certain things are going on in the world so that, by the collective conscious of mankind gaining this information, we can make better choices, by the masses joining together as one. 

One thing that we must all be consciously aware of:  when choosing leadership on any level, the higher the IQ one has, the less common sense this individual has, 90% of the time.  The higher one’s IQ, the more that this individual must rely on advisors who have a lower IQ, that have a higher common sense threshold.  Common sense is basically putting the feelings of others first before making a decision.  When choosing leadership, do not become fooled by those who have a high IQ, particularly those who don’t listen to their higher common sense advisors.  It’s not rocket science.  Okay, let’s get on with it.

Today, the Earth is 1.5% off its axis.  It was not too long ago that the Earth’s axis was 5/8 of 1% off its axis.  I discerned that there is a conscious action and reaction phenomenon that is going on between mankind, Planet Earth and the Sun.  It would appear that, where man is looking to bring harm against Planet Earth or its people, the Sun working with the Earth is sending mankind a message to wake up by tilting the planet off its access.  The main trigger for this event was due to the recent North Korean missile testing.  The world needs people with common sense to get involved with this issue and create a peaceful agenda to end these missile testing events in North Korea.

So, I ask everyone who reads this message:  pay close attention to world events, as they relate to volcanic reactions, major downpours, earthquakes, floods, typhoons and severe temperature fluctuations around the world.  People who should be aware of this information and who refuse to acknowledge this information become the weakest link when trying to solve the problem of global warming and other destructive events that take place, as the Earth fluctuates back and forth off its axis.

We are looking to provide a more frequent reporting of the current status of the Earth’s axis.  We may end up doing this at least three times per week.  Once we start doing this, advise governments around the world and ask them to assign someone to monitor what we are saying, and at the same time, monitor world events, and put together a log.  Just don’t sit there.  Please do something.

But this is not a doomsday message.  It only becomes a doomsday message when we all sit on our butts and not share this information with those of influence.  That is when this message becomes a doomsday message.

On another note, I am taking a look at the genetic alphabet code, the A, C, G, T and U.  For years, I have been saying that leukemia is not cancer, but a specialized blood disease.  You can split hairs and say that cancer is a blood disease, because it starts in the blood.  But leukemia and true, authentic cancer behave differently in the body.  In the case of leukemia, the patients are prone to receiving blood transfusions.  And with authentic cancer, in most cases, this is not the case.  Cancer patients are typically not given blood transfusions.  So, by looking at the genetic DNA and RNA codes, what I learned was that the ‘A’ (adenine) was compromised in the code for all leukemia patients.  For all cancer patients, the ‘G’ (guanine) was compromised.  

I do not want to raise any hope here.  Because we know this now, it does not mean we can cure it easier.  And the truth is, we do not have any technology today that is cost effective that can take someone’s own DNA or RNA and perform a very accurate sequencing.  It is not possible to do a DNA/RNA sequencing that is more than 5% correct.  And also, many people believe that, from the time of birth, your DNA and RNA is fixed for life.  This is not true.  These codes fluctuate throughout your life, geared to your overall experience in life. Simply through the power of thought, one can change their own DNA and RNA sequence.  What I am trying to say to all of you:  we need to go within and learn who we really are, and where we have come from, and what we need to do, and how we need to do it to effectively change our own DNA and RNA sequencing.  What you do in this incarnation:  you are actually reprogramming your DNA and RNA for your next incarnation.  

One of the biggest self-sabotaging behaviours that compromises our DNA and RNA is when we forgive another.  I have learned the hard way… I mean, the hard way… that one should never forgive another.  Instead, one should always feel comfortable to let go of our revenge towards all and towards self.  

Yesterday, I had a profound experience.  And through this experience, I learned true faith can only be achieved when you know God has forgiven you.  Outside that, true faith is unattainable.  There is no other way to obtain or secure true faith.  Having said that, the way that you know that God has truly forgiven you is that you’ve got to learn the rules of the matrix.  And once you know them, you will build a stronger, intuitive side of who you are.  And your own intuition will let you know what the truth is.  Your own intuition will build on your own personal experiences throughout your lifetime.  

I need everyone to understand:  we are using the name, “God.”  But the God that I speak of is the highest conscious state of existence that knows everybody and everything.  And that is who I communicate with.  Through this access, I do know everyone and I can talk about basically anything.  And no, you do not want to have my gift.  It’s a huge responsibility and very few can handle this.  So, be careful for what you ask for.  I have had over 1600 other incarnations that have allowed me the opportunity to handle this gift on a day-to-day basis.  So, I am here to help you and your family, the world, and every human being on this planet to become self-empowered to make better decisions and to be attracted to those who are able to make common sense decisions for mankind.

By the way, God’s will only exists about 5% in the matrix.  This 5% applies only when God is facilitating an act of mercy.  At no other time does God’s will apply within the matrix.  The other 95% in the matrix consists of sowing and reaping, God’s math equation of action and reaction, based on what happened in the 100% free will.  This is why we are not to judge, criticize or condemn another for what they have done or not done.  These people cannot help it because it was written for them to do whatever they did or did not do.  But this statement does not cover every situation.  This statement can be easily amended with greater and deeper clarification. The matrix is fixed for the most part, unless God grants an act of mercy.  You could call that a miracle healing.

Outside the matrix, where we all got ourselves into trouble, God’s will applies 95% of the time.  In this case, the other 5% allows man to make free will choices.  And as a result of those choices, we program our DNA and RNA to dictate the human experience we will have after we leave the 100% free will universe and enter the matrix.  We do not understand what free will is.  But we will go deeper into this subject in the future.

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That’s it.  Have a good day.