Notice re December 20, 2019 Broadcast

December 20, 2019 - 9:03am

I would like to begin by saying that the December 20, 2019 broadcast represents a fragment of information that covers the topic in question.  There is still much to be revealed on the subjects of abortion and rape.  It is really important for men and women to go through a spiritual cleanse after they have listened to this particular broadcast.

Many women and men who were engaged in non-consensual sexual behaviour left the master universe holding onto a grudge.  And that grudge would be activated/expressed in this matrix in many different ways.  One of the common ways that this grudge is expressed is by way of even consensual sexual intercourse or activities involving the sharing of sexual fluids whereby microbes are passed to sexual partners, not on a conscious level, but on a subconscious level.  

Again, this could happen in a consensual environment.  It could be through teenage sex, college/university sex.  It could be a one-night stand at the office.  It could happen just once.  It could even happen through kissing or sharing food.  And it could happen at any time.  Men who have hatred of women in general (and women who have hatred of men in general) are more likely to pass on dangerous microbes to all sexual partners, including spouses.  And it only takes once for someone to pass a potentially dangerous microbe to another, for one to develop a very serious illness, such as cancer or even a severe heart attack, and much more.  Cytomegalovirus, I have discerned, is capable of triggering multiple sclerosis, a terrible, debilitating disease.  In future programs, I will discuss MS.

The microbe carries consciousness.  It carries a past life memory.  For example, if the sender has a memory of being raped and killed, the microbe will make sure that the recipient receives a chronic disease that will eventually kill the recipient.  This happens when somebody who has been injured in the master universe does not let go of their revenge and decides, on some level of consciousness, to take on the role of God.

And so, what happens?  The one who transmits their own revenge to another by way of a microbe will likely come back into another incarnation to receive the same microbe from the same person who they infected.  This is the treadmill.  At the same time, keep in mind:  if you receive a bodily fluid microbe that is programmed to take your life, such as the cytomegalovirus or some human papilloma viruses, it is very unlikely that any conventional medical treatment will save your life.  You may go into remission, but that disease will come back to eventually take your life.  It is best to die and pass on having no revenge towards another.  It does not matter what harm another person has done to you.  Never hold onto a grudge.  Let go and let God.  

We can no longer sit back and blame religion for teaching the wrong message on forgiveness.  Now that we know what the truth is, it is up to us independently to let our loved ones know, people at the office, people at your church, at colleges/universities, at the gym, your in-laws and particularly your core family members.  Let them know this truth.  We should not wait for religion to change, as it will not change unless the masses change first.  And while you are attending church, do not make any oaths to religion.  Do not swear that any one is the best or only one.  

Be wise and mostly think of how you can be set free to minimize coming into another incarnation of suffering.  It is very important that your personal star is cleansed from all other star attachments that prevent you from being successful, that cause you to take on other people’s bad karma, that do not allow you to accept a miracle healing, that do not allow you to have children, that do not allow you to get out of bad relationships, that do not allow you to speak your mind, that do not allow you to help others, that do not allow you to get out of the dark soul pool, that do not prevent you from being raped, abused, murdered, etc., that do not allow you to break away from religion, and much more. 

Some of you will need my help.  And not everyone is allowed to get my help.  However, if I am allowed to help you, I will by appointment only.  We will be taking appointments starting January 14, 2020.