Scientific Announcement

August 15, 2020 - 11:52am

So, I am revealing to you today that, in different universes to this one, I have had many different life experiences, some of which include Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Rudolf Steiner, Benjamin Franklin, and many other accomplished people. This is part of the reason why I have such a unique gift to discern truth. I was even King Salomon where I had the gift of wisdom and today I have the gift of wisdom and much more. I have advanced to a level of spirituality and science that most people would believe is too good to be true. But you know it is true, those of you who have followed me for years.

For at least the past 15 years, I have been asking for an audience to publicly explore any scientific research topic in the world with my gift of wisdom, that comes through the Christ consciousness of the light, not of the dark.  The closest that I get to the dark is when I eat dark chocolate.  And I really don’t like the taste of dark chocolate.  I really don’t like that taste.  But I very much enjoy milk chocolate from a Swiss cow.  So what am I really trying to say here, at this moment, on this date?  Let’s get to it. 

I know on my website it says that I am the number one go to scientist in the world. Those who really know me, they know that there is a possibility that this is true.  And in fact, as people get more familiar with my gift, when it comes to science/medical research, they can become very fearful for many reasons.  One reason is fear of the truth.  This is what I am up against.  I know that we should be in a state in which the best medical and science that can be made available is made available to everyone. But this is not the case in this beautiful country.  And the fact that I have been ignored by most of the world is not new.  Even when I was Albert Einstein, etc., I was mostly ignored the same way, until after I was gone.  

So, I said to God, “I am not putting up with this nonsense in this incarnation,” and of course, I was telling God my own plans, and maybe God was laughing at me.  I would only know this as time unfolds.  But it’s really amazing how, every time I travel on the QEW highway and I approach the Nikola Tesla exit, I say to my wife, “You see? I got to be dead to get recognition.”  Now some of you may think I’m venting, but I’m not. In fact, I find the whole situation quite humorous, that God gives this planet a gifted person like me and people run in the opposite direction.  

And when I say I can help with COVID technology, the government worldwide are prepared to crash the economies instead of sitting down with me and taking time to learn what this virus is all about.  Down the road, it will be proven that this is not a pandemic.  I have spoken to politicians, dentists, scientists, etc. who know truly this is not a pandemic.  Even though we believe this is not a pandemic, we must all conform and obey the rules of our government.  But the stress level that we are going through in Canada does not need to be at such a high level that only brings worry to those who really give a damn.

So, let me share with you that we do have the formulation for a COVID virus urine strip test.  This test is a 30-second test.  This test will also be human friendly.  All we need is someone’s urine and the result can be known in 30 seconds.  It can be done by going to your doctor’s office, or a nurse in a school, or a nurse for a large corporation.  Not only that, the test will be very cheap.  It is inexpensive to manufacture.  I know that this test is for real, but my obstacle is trying to prove that it’s for real.  Millions of dollars are being sent to research centres across Canada but we have the test.  And it did not take millions or any money from the government to do it.  In my past lives, much of my knowledge was stolen by others for their own financial gain.  So, I believe the only way that I can work with a research group, on a joint venture basis, is to find a group that has 100% sound integrity.  And that is not easy.  However, there is an opportunity that may present itself very shortly where, if it goes well, we will be able to test our strip test. But it’s not going to be easy.  

I am doing this because I love everyone and I just want to help.  Our government needs to reconsider the shutting down of the economy over COVID on a serious level.  And we all have to make sure we do the right thing, that we do not create bad karma.  Karma is for real and so is hell.  I have helped many in the past, many souls that were wrongfully admitted into hell. I have gotten them out.  This is also part of my gift.  I truly cannot reveal my total gift.  But one thing I will say to everyone:  do the right thing, work together, and do not bring malicious harm to another human being. 

The coming week, I am going to present to the world a deeper level of the meaning of E = mc2. I will reveal to you what I was really trying to say, but the world was not ready for, when I was Einstein.

I made a statement with respect to the stock market that it is good karma to keep your money in the stock market. There has been a shift in the matrix, and those of you who have high risk investments, you may wish to speak to your bank advisor, and maybe put your high-risk investments into low risk… not really come out of the market, but stay in the market at a low risk, reducing your rate of return.  This is the time to speak to your bank advisors. 

Okay so, watch out for the E = mc2 article, and we will try to do a radio show next week if we get the green light. 

Thank you.