Summary of the Twelve Justifiable Reasons Why a Woman Can Have an Abortion

November 27, 2019 - 10:47am

Bryan has discerned that he is not to do a live broadcast this Friday on the twelve reasons why a woman can have an abortion without spiritual consequences.  When he says, “without spiritual consequences,” he means, not coming back into a subsequent incarnation (i.e. the matrix) and being subject to a spiritual contract to go through a disease, to be raped again, to be aborted, etc.  The matrix is where the sowing and reaping is paid and also where people are tricked into taking on other people’s bad karma.  

Bryan has discerned that he is to give the twelve reasons now, and he will explain deeper when he gets the green light to do so in one of his broadcast.  Before he goes into the twelve reasons, Bryan needs every woman to understand clearly, and to never lose sight of the following truth:  if you are raped, you have an abortion, etc., etc., you are never to forgive the one doing the injury to you.  When you forgive the one doing the injury to you, you are unknowingly giving them permission, in subsequent matrix incarnations, to do the same to you, life after life, until you denounce it or correctly deal with the issue.  Even to the point where the person doing the injury is supposed to receive a disease or some other experience because of what they did to you, instead of them going through it, you end up going through it.  Or even worse, a loved one ends up going through it.  So, whatever you do, do not forgive this person.  

Instead of forgiving the person who injures you, you are to let go of all the revenge you have to the person who has injured you.  That means, to stop and realize that once you let go of your revenge, that individual then falls under the rules of the matrix.  And the matrix will hand down the spiritual debt that will have to be paid by the one who has injured you.  Bryan intends, on December 6, through his radio broadcast to explain this on a deeper level, so long as he gets the green light to do so.  

In the meantime, the following are the twelve reasons why a woman is allowed to, based on the 100% free will highest conscious state, which many people identify as God.  And by the way, Bryan discerned that in the 100% free will, the highest conscious state does not like to be addressed as God by man.  This discovery was a surprise to Bryan.  Oh well, as the beat goes on…

On that note, Bryan is providing you with this information, with the full endorsement and backing of the highest conscious state.  Surprisingly to him, Bryan has further discovered that all those who laugh at this and think it is not true, and even laugh at him:  in every case, unknown to them, they have really bad karma to go through in the matrix.  Wow.  And in addition, the software program in the matrix states, many scientists on this planet are not able to accept scientific truth from someone who they believe is smarter than they are.  Oh well, that explains a lot.  Look what they did with Einstein.  The beat really goes on lol!  And remember, you are not to judge, criticize, condemn or complain.  Here we go…

  1. If a woman is raped
  2. If a woman’s health is at risk
  3. If the woman/mother is severely mentally ill
  4. If the woman has miscarried
  5. If the woman cannot look after the child due to a serious illness or handicap
  6. If the father’s bloodline/ancestors have very serious mental health issues
  7. If the woman was part of a medical insemination procedure that went bad
  8. If the fetus is badly injured (e.g. in a car accident)
  9. If the woman was inseminated with compromised sperm
  10. If the woman is forced to marry someone they do not want to marry
  11. If the woman is in a coma
  12. If the fetus is severely deformed or has serious health issues

In addition, Bryan gives the following point to consider in the 100% free will.  A man who rapes a woman and causes her to die, or rapes a woman and causes her to have an abortion, will likely come into this matrix and be diagnosed with an untreatable prostate cancer.  This is not a hard and fast rule; there are other possibilities and outcomes to learn about.  For example, in the 100% free will universe experience where judges or even juries put a woman in prison falsely for having an abortion that was in compliance with the twelve points above, they will likely have a subsequent incarnation in the matrix where they are treated unfairly and sent to prison.  If they sentence that woman to death, they likely will come into this matrix to be sentenced to death.  

Unfortunately, we as humans do not have a good memory.  But the highest conscious state that governs and regulates the 100% free will universe and the matrix universe has an impeccable memory that is long-lasting. As they say, the bill always arrives.

Bryan intends to go deeper into this topic as it is not completely understood by most individuals.  It is really complicated.  Bryan feels it needs to be clarified.  But he also suggests that all women share this information with all other women.

Once again, thank you to all of you who are supporting us.