Third Message of February 27, 2019

February 27, 2019 - 2:30pm

Before you start reading this article, make sure you read the two preceding articles.  Otherwise, this is not going to make complete sense to you.

I thought I could just relax through this snowstorm, but it seems that is not possible at this time.  So, I have pondered over one big question:  those who pass their karma onto others—and by the way, this is done energetically—how do they get away with this?  They get away with it through the notion that anyone who would talk about this publicly would be considered crazy.  I believe that I’ve been chosen to deliver this message, as much of what I have said and will say throughout my life will be validated by science technologies that I bring to the world.  Meaning, if this guy can do all this, beyond 50,000 scientists working together, the rest of the information has to be true.  Now, if I was just a religious guru speaking this truth, I would be easily dismissed.  Most scientists fear sitting in front of me.  Because they know that I can relate to what their talking about, and beyond what they don’t even know.

So, these individuals that go on cursing people, coercing people to take on their karma, blackmailing them to take on their karma in past incarnations:  they possess non-physical powers to make sure certain people go through their bad karma for them.  Through the grace of the matrix, the matrix council, this has been lifted.  Now these individuals that had this incredible power to be silent, and wait only for the shoe to drop for someone to take on their karma:  they now have to go through their karma themselves.

We are not talking about a small group of people here.  We are talking about seven billion or more individuals, where half of these people who would have taken on others’ bad karma will no longer have to do this.  If I was on the side where I was forcing someone to take on my karma, I would be thinking twice.  It is absolutely terrible that I even have to make this information public.  I am doing this because I know I’m going to save many peoples’ lives after they have read all three articles of today.  

With respect to spiritual healing, the matrix is going to make it difficult for spiritual healers to perform healings on those who have tried to pass their karma onto others, particularly illness.  They likely will be receiving an illness and would not be permitted to receive spiritual healing.  This is not because of a one-time life incarnation situation.  It’s because, on average, there have been than 100 separate incarnations where these individuals have successfully passed their bad karma onto others.  And they have come into each life experience being Teflon, being untouchable, having total immunity where they could do anything they wanted to and got away with it. This opportunity is now over.  Can you imagine that you or a family member is killed, only to find out the reason why you went through what you went through was because you took on someone else’s karma by being tricked?  Can you imagine how you would feel if you sat in front of someone like me and I discerned the last 50 incarnations, for example, you went through the same experience and you took on someone else’s karma?  If it wasn’t you, let’s say a family member taking on someone else’s karma.  How would you feel?  

So, I’m going to pursue my science for the world.  And as I achieve greater science accomplishments, you will gain more trust in what I say.

In conclusion, the ones who are to receive their bad karma back will be faced with a choice of paying their debt or going through some disease.  This is so sad.  It’s sad because most people won’t believe what I’m saying and it’s sad that they will go through this experience with most people not believing that this is possible.  The problem with most people not believing:  there cannot be created a windstorm for great change where people, once they understand the truth from these three articles on a collective conscious level, can change the world for the better.

Spiritual healers worldwide need to be very careful not to do a spiritual healing on someone who has been passing their bad karma to others and is now ill in front of you.  If you do this, you have a greater risk—and I mean greater—of taking on their disease and/or their karma to you personally or passing their disease/karma onto members of your family.  You are better off to walk away from $500 million than to perform these healings.  May you be wise, be informed and make the right decisions.  

Whatever you do, please don’t stand before me and ask me to forgive you.