Understanding of God and Vaporization

June 12, 2019 - 11:59am

This article is to help you better understand this Friday’s broadcast (June 14, 2019), when I speak of God and of one being vaporized.  And folks, vaporization is a metaphor; I’m not talking about the process of water changing into steam.

So firstly, on a scientific level, what is God?  God is a state of consciousness made up of 18 different strands of energy.  These strands of energy, collectively, by way of blanket forces, interact with humans by way of the soul and the lightbody.  

The human soul is also made up of 18 different strands of energy.  The soul’s strands of energy may be connected to God’s 18 strands of consciousness. These strands are the primary avenue to communicate with God’s conscious being.

One needs to understand that if the soul is compromised by having any of the 18 strands of energy partially or completely shut down, it changes one’s relationship with the 18 strands of God’s consciousness and, when this happens, it compromises the ability to know and accept truth.  All truth in the universe, as it relates to the existence of all humans, comes from the 18 strands of God’s consciousness.  Many individuals who have an actual disease state, have partial or complete shutdown of one or more of the 18 strands of energy in their soul.  

So, having the understanding of the above, when we move from the 100% free will experience to the matrix, (and back and forth), if we choose to live a life whereby we do malicious harm to others in each incarnation, we end up losing part or all of our soul.  Moving on, I must admit that the energies of the human body are very complicated.  And the physics behind these energies is extremely complicated.  

So, how does one become vaporized? Our first human incarnation, we all receive a light body.  Now, the light body and the soul are two different energies.  Every time you come into a new incarnation, most people will receive a new soul.  However, the memory of every new soul you have received, from each and every incarnation, is recorded in your light body.  Your light body is also made up of 18 strands of energy, having different frequencies compared to your soul.  For your light body to be 100% healthy and balanced, it must give off a 100% negative charge.  If your light body becomes 100% positive charge, when you exit this incarnation, you/your light body will enter the sun, and be transformed into dark matter.  This is what I mean metaphorically by vaporization.

The real who you are is not your soul; it’s your light body.  And that’s who/what you need to protect, from one incarnation to the next.  The number one way to protect your light body is not to do malicious harm to others.

Unfortunately, many people do become dark matter for other people, after they exit this incarnation.  Some people even go to hell for other people.  One main way in which this is done is agreeing to die for someone “always,” every incarnation.  It can also be done by accepting “the sins of the forefathers,”every incarnation.  Another is by swearing loyalty to someone.  The one who demands loyalty will never grant loyalty to you. Further, when you pledge loyalty to someone, you will not be able to leave the matrix, incarnation after incarnation, until you denounce the pledge.  

Do not be a fool:  do not pledge loyalty to anyone, as you may be going to hell for them or taking on their bad karma, or even worse, going through a vaporization process.  The reason why people demand loyalty from one or more individuals, or from masses, is to spread the bad karma that they have accumulated, are accumulating, or will accumulate in all past, present and future incarnations, to those who provide them with loyalty.  This is another dumb act that we do.  

Not to mention humans forgiving others. I learned very recently that indigo babies were mostly individuals that had their light bodies vaporized for someone they forgave, or pledged loyalty to, or agreed to die for, etc., and through the mercy of the conscious state of God, they all were given a new start. But the ones that were authentically vaporized, never had a chance for a new start.  

On a scientific level, when humans forgive other humans, assuming they have a soul, one or more of their 18 strands becomes compromised.  But if one says that they let go of their revenge towards others, their energetic soul integrity becomes stronger, providing greater health to the human body. Recall, from a scientific level, a disease state is when one or more of the 18 strands of energy in your soul has been compromised.  

Some of you that I know personally, unknown to you, will be taking on a vaporization process for someone else. So, you really need to let go of all oaths, vows, promises to your immediate parents and to your ancestors. And let go of all of your revenge towards all of them.  Then, do the same for everyone that you know outside your bloodline.  We are in the matrix.  In the matrix, you are bound to a software program and I may not be able to help you directly.  But by you knowing this information, accepting this information and acting on this information, you can really help yourself.  

As of today, 15% of the total world population will be legitimately going through a vaporization after they exit this incarnation.  These 15% can become the most dangerous people on this planet, particularly if they are people in a position of power, as they have nothing to lose.

The individuals that have mastered the art of transferring their karma every incarnation simply prey on the weak. The weak are defined as those who make decisions through life based on emotion.  This is a very dangerous software program to have.  The parents that raise the best kids in the world do not make decisions regarding their children based on emotion.  The most successful business people in the world do not make decisions based on emotion.  Instead, they make decisions based on practicality, based on critical thinking.  And so, when it comes to doing your healing today or tomorrow:  remove all emotion from yourself, be practical, and save your light body.

In closing, this article is to support what I will be saying this Friday, June 14, 2019.  It is written that 10% of you will think I’m a whack-job but 90% of you will accept that what I’m saying is true.  The 10% that think I’m a whack-job have no soul.  They have lost the complete connection to the God consciousness.  Some of them may be the ones trying to transfer their vaporization contract to someone else and they don’t want that person to know the truth.  

It’s not an easy message.  But when one is given such a unique gift of knowledge, such as I have, part of the responsibility is to become a teacher to reduce the suffering for those who are prepared to listen.