June 19, 2020 - 10:17am

Good day to all of you.  I hope all of you are doing well.  I also hope that all of you are going outside and getting some exercise, going out for walks.  I’d like to just let you know that I’ve been busy myself, studying the matrix.  As a fully appointed representative of God’s spiritual council, I have been busy helping most of you. 

The difficulty that most people have in the matrix is that they do not have information that gives them the correct understanding of why certain things happen.  It is the fundamental question, “Why?” that is most difficult to understand.  Einstein once said that, when we are trying to understand truth, the most important thing we need to understand is that we must always ask the right question. 

Today, worldwide, world leaders/politicians/the medical community…  I mean, worldwide… are not asking the right question all the time.  And because they are not asking the right question, they are making decisions based on a false belief that the COVID-19 pandemic is random.  And some world leaders are prepared to crash their own economies, watch people commit suicide, watch marriages break up, watch massive lay-offs happen, watch most people live in a state of complete paranoia, without embracing someone like me who can give them the core truth of what is actually happening.  And what is really sad is that these individuals who are not asking the right question and not embracing someone like me, unknown to them, are creating additional bad karma when their decisions are causing people to suffer. 

Not to mention, the intent of certain world leaders to make it mandatory for everyone to be vaccinated with a vaccine that will not be correctly tested.  And God knows what neurological problems this vaccine will cause with people, 10 to 20 years from now.  When people, 10 to 20 years later start to show symptoms of common disease states, the system as we know it… that is there to protect the people… will not make a correlation between the vaccine and the later-identified disease states that are commonly found in vaccinated people down the road.

Many people in this matrix have been protected by the dark side.  This is no longer the case.  The light side now controls the matrix.  So, all matrix programming for those who wish to bring ill-will to seven billion plus is no longer in place.  There is no longer protection for the dark side.  That means it will be very difficult for the dark side to pass their own bad karma that they created themselves outside the matrix where they had 100% free will onto others in this matrix.  For a minimum of the next 1,000 years, the light will control the matrix. 

So, what does the above mean?  It simply means that there is one set of laws for man and another set of laws for God.  So even if it appears that man has gotten away with carrying out bad deeds, directly or indirectly, against mankind:  the new laws that are now programmed into the matrix will now make everybody accountable.  The spiritual council of God makes the final decision for everybody.  Man will no longer be able to get away with pretending to keep their heads in the sand and act as though they are oblivious to what is actually going on around them. 

And so, that means that we all have to be very careful, from this moment on, not to do malicious harm against another and not to require people to do something that we would not agree to do ourselves.  If one goes against this thinking and believes they are untouchable, the new matrix programming will always prove them wrong and prove God right. 

Just the other day, Germany reported 650 new coronavirus cases in a meat processing plant.  Now these cases did not occur based on what these people did in this incarnation.  It occurred outside this matrix, where they had 100% free will and they likely treated animals really badly.  This is true for the meat packing plants out in Alberta, in the United States and others around the world.  And some of the people got the coronavirus based on a belief, which I have stated in prior articles.  And so, you need to read the prior articles to get this information. 

Around the world, many senior citizens have died in retirement homes that became infected with the COVID-19 virus.  I have since learned, in addition to many other reasons why they may have died, that many of them were programmed by the dark side to die for other people and to take on other people’s bad karma. Worldwide, the spiritual council of God is undoing all of this and is trying to set senior citizens free who all have extra soul walk-ins to get the virus and to die for others.  Governments worldwide really need to understand: there is a real battle going on between good and evil.  And yes, it is very easy to point the finger at the retirement home owners and give them heavy fines or even take their licences away.  But the problem goes way beyond what the owners could even to be able to understand or prevent.  It could be the best, well-run retirement home in the world:  as long as the seniors have a full soul walk-in programmed by the dark side, they will eventually get the virus and likely die from the virus. 

This is where world leaders need to have a better understanding of the matrix and stop walking around saying this is our only incarnation, that we only have one incarnation.  To believe this is absolute nonsense.  It means that those who believe this have another full body soul walk-in that makes them believe this.  But it also means, if one has this particular full body soul walk-in:  it means this is their last incarnation.  It means that you are not immortal. 

Even in your mind, you may say you accept Jesus Christ and you don’t accept the possibility that we’ve had other incarnations:  it simply means you are being tricked.  Those people who claim they are Christians, that believe they only have one incarnation, when they ask you, “Do you accept the Word?” and if you were to accept the Word at face value:  you would be in a lot of trouble.  You would be depriving yourself of other incarnations, where Christ explained to all of his disciples that there are other mansions that exist.  It also means, where you think that you accept Christ, and that you are immortal:  you cannot be immortal if you believe this is our only incarnation.  All Christians:  I’m trying to help you.  The matrix has been programmed against you, to take on bad karma for the dark side, whereby upon your death, your soul would be vapourized.  So that means the dark side who has done nasty, nasty things, from one incarnation to the next, where their time has run out and this is to be their last incarnation, where the dark is supposed to be vapourized:  instead, they had the dark program the matrix for good people of the light to be the sacrificial lambs for the dark.  The good news about this:  the spiritual council of God is currently undoing all of this. 

Let me close by saying:  do not gossip about anyone.  In most cases, the person who is gossiping with you and is providing you with gossip information on another is really setting you up to go through a terrible experience with the one you are gossiping about.  This could be you at work, and your co-worker gives you bad information about your boss.  Then, you tell another co-worker and that co-worker tells your boss what you’ve said.  That could cause you your promotion or even your job.  So don’t gossip.

And I’d like to thank all of you who continue to support us with the enzymes.  Each bottle is approximately for a month.  Many people are using a bottle and half.  Some people use three.  So, even though the expiry is October of this year, still continue to support us because they are the best damn enzymes you will ever have.  And you can take that to the bank. 


PS  The spiritual council of God is making changes to the matrix every day to speed up the opening up of the economies worldwide.  And it is doing much more than that.  Just trust that someone out there is looking out for mankind. 

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers around the world. 

Read this article three times and do no malicious harm to anyone. 

Make sure that your recommendations are solidly backed to science integrity, as it relates to vaccines.