We Need Your Help Right Now:  COVID-19

July 13, 2020 - 9:45am

Good morning/good day to all of you.  From my last article that I posted, some of you may have thought I was really pissed off.  I wasn’t pissed off; I was just really disappointed.  But it’s not fair for me to be disappointed with politicians, doctors, scientists, civil servants, etc.  It is not fair for me to disappointed with the Prime Minister approving $900 million for WE Charity.

The truth is, we are all in a matrix.  And all of us have been subject to matrix contracts that cause us to make decisions for whatever reason.  But we really don’t have the free will, in most cases, to avoid certain decisions, in the case of anyone.  As it may seem strange or confusing, or even place us in a state of denial that this is not possible:  it is possible and it is real. 

So, based on the last article, I was more disappointed with the matrix programming that we were all subject to, that would crash the world economy and take us into some stupid war.  And while this is on its way, the world was programmed not to truly embrace the real science that would bring us all together and make the right choices… or may I say, better choices.

I am glad to say that the matrix has changed where we can now make better choices.  How this has been changed… who, when and why… that information cannot be revealed.  But what I can say, through me, God is looking after mankind bigtime today.  I mean, big time.  The matrix has been changed to help all of us better understand the COVID-19 virus.  But in the meantime, wear your face mask until we have this all behind us.  And if we work together, with me, we can get this COVID-19 situation shut down really quickly. 

I am not coming from an arrogant perspective, but coming from a truthful perspective.  I’m also coming from a highly compassionate perspective.  And I believe, if I am able to save just one life, our efforts are worth it.  But my target is to save millions upon millions worldwide.  The work that I’m doing… the new chemical technologies that will be developed… must be shared worldwide.  And I mean, it must be shared worldwide.

So, let’s begin to speak about what I really want to let you know.  This past weekend, I sat in my recliner in my private office and I spent three hours discerning the formulation that is necessary to manufacture a highly accurate COVID-19 urine strip test.  The following information was successfully discerned (intuited) for me to join with a partner to successfully develop this strip test.  Or, if one does not wish to be my partner, we negotiate a sale/licencing contract giving one world rights and/or negotiate independently with other countries. 

The following have been achieved:

  1. All of the basic ingredients have been identified.
  2. The formulation is broken down into four groups:  Group A, Group B, Group C and Group D.
  3. We have identified how to prepare and mix Group A.
  4. We have identified how to prepare and mix Group B.
  5. Points 3 and 4 above comprise the primary ingredients that make up the main part of the test.
  6. We have also identified how to prepare and make Group C, which is the activator.  This is key to the test.
  7. We have identified how to mix and prepare the chemical solution that is required for the filter paper, which is Group D.
  8. We have identified how to prepare the next step, which we cannot disclose here, but will disclose under contract with a third party.
  9. We have identified how to prepare the final steps for the paint solution that is applied to the filter paper. 
  10. We have identified full painting instructions.
  11. We have identified steps required to be taken after the paint has been applied to the filter paper.
  12. We have identified how to use the actual test strip, i.e. how to test a specimen.
  13. We have identified what the COVID-19 strip test is actually measuring.
  14. We have identified how to interpret the test results.

We figure that we will not have a sample to be tested until August 19, or even longer, based on the negotiations that we anticipate going through. 

Companies who are interested in our work who are well-funded/who have millions:  you are the only ones I want to talk to.  I do not wish to speak to tire-kickers.  This work is way too important. 

One of the reasons why I was determined on the weekend to intuit the above information is the fact that I found out that the current COVID-19 test being used today in North America for many people can be an extremely painful experience.  I can only imagine what a child will go through, being administered that test.  The test that we are looking to develop with a third party is non-invasive, very quick and the results should be available with 20 to 30 seconds.  This test will serve as an affordable way to monitor patients in the hospital more frequently to determine whether or not their treatment is working. 

Okay, let’s get to my next point.  Those of you who know me, particularly my friends at University of Toronto (for at least 16 years or more)… plus doctors around the world:  you know that I have the gift to confirm on a yes or no basis.  You ask the question; my answer is either yes or no.  This is highly effective in research, when I am given a list of chemical ingredients, and I can discern in minutes the chemicals from that list that are required for certain formulations.  I need the general public to understand what my gift is.  And my gift goes way beyond that. 

So, speaking of a list, I have discerned that there are three pharmaceutical companies in Toronto…  Each one of them has a drug that can come together as a three-chemical cocktail to treat the COVID-19 infection in a highly effective way.  I mean, highly effective.  So, if the world knew that this was possible, and patients who were infected with COVID-19 had a highly treatable disease:  the political environment worldwide would think differently.  They would open up their economies quicker, without fear. 

So, getting back to the list, speaking of the three pharmaceutical companies:  this is where I need your help.  I need someone to put me in touch with senior management at Merck Canada, Novartis Canada and Apotex Canada.  What I need from each one of them is a list of their pharmaceutical drugs that I can discern and provide that information to Head of Research and their senior management.  Once I have identified the drug from each pharmaceutical company, I will advise each of the three pharmaceuticals the three drugs that make up the COVID-19 remedy cocktail.  I am prepared to work with their research teams at my own discretion and reveal more scientific information that they would need to understand on why these drugs would work. 

But it has to be someone who thinks outside the box.  And not someone who is there to prove me wrong.  And not someone who is prepared to watch millions die around the world.  I can discern this individual and I will not waste my time with this individual. 

Once again, I say this with compassion.  I am taking this very seriously.  As I have access to the matrix records, I know where we are heading if we do not work together and make a serious effort to help everyone.  And not to mention the responders who are exposed to this every day.  The doctors and nurses who are exposed to this every day.  It is possible that one of them or a family member may need this drug cocktail.  It’s even possible that a politician may need this cocktail… or a family member.  Only God knows the bigger picture. 

Our contact email address for this project is covidresearch144@gmail.com.  We ask that only serious inquiries are presented to us.  Please do not contact us for the purpose of exploiting my gift.  I only want serious people of integrity to contact us. 

In the meantime, we are going to get the paint and mix the strip test between now and August 19.  And any negotiations that we enter into with a third party, including actual signing of contracts, all terms and conditions must be subject to test validation, government approval, commercial investments, including legal fees, all at the expense of the third party we negotiate with.  That’s it.  But we won’t make any final information available to anyone before August 19. 

If you can help… if you an employee or senior manager of one of these pharmaceutical companies and you can help with that list, subject to the approval of your senior management, and allow me to discern the name of the drug, I would be grateful. 

Last thing…  everyone needs to understand that I am doing all of this from my own resources.  I have asked for help many times in the past.  And very little sincere help has been offered.  And when I say, “help,” I mean help of substance that can move our success forward in a quick speed mode.  It is wise for one to invest in their future. 

By the way, in my last article posting of July 10, it was not my intent to offend anybody.  I was just blowing off steam.  I had to get it off my chest.  At the same time, if I was not in that mind space, I would not have worked so hard on the weekend to get the information on how to develop and manufacture a COVID-19 strip test.  And to our Prime Minister:  I particularly did not want to offend you.  You did what it was written for you to do. 

Thank you.



P.S. To make it clear to the third party that is interested in purchasing and/or licencing the formulation, I will not be testing this formulation myself.  Remember:  everything that we negotiate has to be subject to you securing your own testing validation, and the other terms and conditions that we have stated, and likely subject to other new terms and conditions as we jointly move forward together.  But I have to make it clear to you:  this formulation will not be tested by me, as I do not have the means to have it tested.