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Over the past few years, Bryan has spent most of his time in research and learning how to help the general public. His broadcasts represent much of what he has learned in this time and are archived here.

Date Broadcast Description
October 21, 2018

Gamma Rays; Candida; Anti-Aging; God

Spine Gamma Rays
Anti-Aging and Enzymes
What Is God?


September 23, 2018

Karma; Anti-Aging; Anxiety; Depression

Genetic Reprogramming
Small Intestine Disease Crystals
Anti-Aging and Water
Anxiety and Depression


June 3, 2018

Illogical Behaviour; Abortion; Skin Cancer

Illogical Behaviour
Should Women Be Allowed Abortions?
Skin Cancer


April 29, 2018

Exercising; Foods that Gain Weight; Longevity Foods; Neutrinos

How to Exercise Correctly
The Top Nine Foods that Cause People to Gain Weight
The Five Foods that Extend Your Life
Why Scientists Should be Careful with Neutrinos and Pentaquarks


April 15, 2018

Exercise; Disease; Positive/Negative Charge; Pentaquarks

The Importance of Exercise
Genetic and Environmental Disease States
Positive and Negative Charge
Pentaquarks 101


March 25, 2018

Thought Yoctocrystals

Are We Genetically Programmed to Accept Something for Free?
Thought Crystal Chemistry
Depression and Poor Digestion Crystals
The Physics Behind Thought Crystals


March 11, 2018

Yoctochemistry; Depression; Neutrinos

Thought Chemistry
Mechanics of Thought Chemistry
Depression and Poor Digestion
How Are Neutrinos Created?


February 25, 2018

Yocto- Disease, Food and Physics

Yoctomicrobes/Mental Illness
Eating Habits that Shorten Your Life


February 11, 2018

Gamma Rays; Mental Depression; Digestive System; Physics 101

How One Attracts Disease into One’s Body
Women and Depression
Your Digestive System 101
Why Our Knowledge of Physics is Broken


January 26, 2018

BioClair Digestive Enzymes: Request for Testimonies

Bryan gives an update and asks for video testimonies for BioClair Digestive Enzymes.

January 12, 2018

New Year Message for 2018

New year message explaining new direction for Clarity Radio.

December 21, 2017

Christmas Message: New Directions

Bryan explains new directions for Clarity Radio in 2018.

December 8, 2017

Update on BioClair Digestive Enzymes: Your Diet

Bryan talks about diet.

December 1, 2017

BioClair Digestive Enzymes:  Why Take Them?

Latest BioClair Digestive Enzymes broadcast.  It's funny.

November 22, 2017

BioClair Digestive Enzymes: Update

Personality Traits of BioClair Purchasers

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