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Friday, November 1, 2019

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We are not going to do a follow-up to the September 27, 2019 broadcast re: global warming.  We would like to thank so many who worked hard to advise foreign governments of our message in connection to underground nuclear testing playing a major role in global warming.  I have discerned that all foreign governments that have received this message secretly all believe that this is true.  With respect to this issue, our task has been successful and these governments do not need additional scientific proof.  We are taking a short sabbatical and we will rejoin you on November 1, 2019.  Our mission with respect to global warming has been achieved.  No further work is required at this time.


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A Discernment of Global Warming

Is it really the greenhouse effect causing global warming, or is it something else?  Listen to Bryan's discernment on this "hot topic" and decide for yourself.  Bryan reminds everyone to visit BioClair.ca to prepare yourself for the not too distant holiday season.


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