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A new message will be posted Wednesday, August 22 at 4:00 pm Eastern, announcing how Bryan's Positive Charge Test for detecting signs of Stage 0 (or more) cancer from the human urine actually works.  The scientific explanation will be beyond the current understanding of cancer.  Read this and send this all over the world.  Let's educate 7.6 billion people worldwide together.

Keep taking your BioClair Digestive Enzymes throughout the summer.  One day, these enzymes will be acknowledged as the #1 supplement and the #1 detox product in the world, and will be for the next 50 years, as they were developed by the #1 scientific genius in the world.  For most of you, these enzymes will prove to be critical to your longevity.  They are especially good for seniors, athletes, long-distance drivers, shift workers, vacationers, students/millennials and many people with mild food sensitivities.  They will also be prove one day to be the #1 detox product in the world.  Don't settle for second best.  Enjoy.  

We will post the occasional message throughout the summer.

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