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Over the past few years, Bryan has spent most of his time in research and learning how to help the general public. His broadcasts represent much of what he has learned in this time and are archived here.

Date Broadcast Description
November 17, 2017

Introducing BioClair Digestive Enzymes: You Can Buy Them Now!

Introduction to BioClair Digestive Enzymes

November 5, 2017

Course 118: Reaping; Bad Karma Beliefs; Oils; Government Messages

Broadcast not available.

October 8, 2017

Far Left and Far Right; King Herod; NAFTA, North Korea, Brexit, Québec, Ukraine, USA, Shooter

The Far Left and the Far Right
The Agendas of the Far Left and the Far Right
How the Far Left in Silence Controls the Far Right (Mind Control)
A Message to Our Canadian Government:  NAFTA, Brexit, North Korea, Ukraine, Québec, US Government


September 24, 2017

Course 117: Gene Contracts; Spirits, Positive Charge; Earthquakes, Climate Control, North Korea

Course 117:  Gene Contracts/Life Scripts
Spirits of Influence
Positive and Negative Charge
Global Warming, North Korea and Much More


June 11, 2017

Master Personalities; Breaking the Main Contract; Climate Control; World War III Plan (Not)

Course 116:  Personality Contracts
Breaking Your Personality Contract
The Unknown Truth/Science Behind the Paris Agreement


May 28, 2017

Course 115: Intelligent Light Bodies; Cell Behaviour; Drives Cancer; Subconscious Putin

Course 115:  Intelligent Light Bodies
A Cell for Every Human Interaction
What Truly Drives Cancer/Disease?


April 30, 2017

Course 114; Saving the World from Destruction; Canada’s Conflict

Course 114:  Life After Death
Did You Know?
Curing Cancer with Supplements

March 26, 2017

Course 113: Speaking Poorly; Mental Disorders; Weight Loss; Message to Canada”

Course 113:  Speaking Poorly of Others
The Meaning of Different Mental Disorders
Going Deeper:  Weight Loss Diet
A Message to the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau and Other World Leaders


February 26, 2017

Course 112: Split Personality; Narcissism; Crying Babies; McGill University; Moving Slowly

Course 112:  The Physical Brain Second Personality (Karma)
Narcissism:  What Is It?
Disciplining Your Children
A Message to the International Community:  Move Slowly and Be Wise

February 5, 2017

Course 111: Sexuality; Decision Consequences; Dairy Cleanse; Avoiding WWIII; Message to Canada’s PM

Course 111:  Understanding Sexuality
Consequences of Who You Support (Karma)
The Ingredient Benefit of the Dairy (Artery) Cleanse
Canadian Government:  Steps to Move the World away from WWIII
Address to the Prime Minister of Canada


January 8, 2017

Course 110: Beliefs; Levels of Consciousness; Safe with Dairy; Canada Good Karma

Course 110:  Be Careful What You Believe In
How to Become More Successful in Life
How to Drink Milk and Eat Dairy Safely
Canada Getting Along with Other Governments:  What Canada Needs to Know

December 11, 2016

Course 109: Loving Yourself; Yocto Cancer Cells; Dairy; Political Evil

Course 109:  The Spiritual Importance of Loving Yourself
The Primary Thought behind Cancer
Your Diet:  Dairy
Understanding Political Evil


November 20, 2016

Course 108: Past Lives; Body and Food Chemistry; Political Karma

Course 108:  Why We Don’t Remember Our Past Lives
Spiritual Chemistry of the Body
Importance of Understanding the Chemistry of Foods
Understanding Political Karma

October 2, 2016

Course 107: Light Bodies

Course 107:  Guardian Angels/Karma
Imposter Personalities
Hidden and Multiple Personalities
A Message to the People of the United States and to Others

September 18, 2016

Course 106: Your Soul and Fragmented Souls

Course 106:  How to Know Your Soul
Past Life Fragmented Souls
The Process of Dying
Helping Governments Around the World

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