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Over the past few years, Bryan has spent most of his time in research and learning how to help the general public. His broadcasts represent much of what he has learned in this time and are archived here.

Date Broadcast Description
November 20, 2016

Course 108: Past Lives; Body and Food Chemistry; Political Karma

Course 108:  Why We Don’t Remember Our Past Lives
Spiritual Chemistry of the Body
Importance of Understanding the Chemistry of Foods
Understanding Political Karma

October 2, 2016

Course 107: Light Bodies

Course 107:  Guardian Angels/Karma
Imposter Personalities
Hidden and Multiple Personalities
A Message to the People of the United States and to Others

September 18, 2016

Course 106: Your Soul and Fragmented Souls

Course 106:  How to Know Your Soul
Past Life Fragmented Souls
The Process of Dying
Helping Governments Around the World

June 26, 2016

Course 105: Lifting Religious False Beliefs/European Union

Course 105:  Religious and Spiritual False Beliefs to Be Lifted
Family False Beliefs to Be Lifted
Health False Beliefs to Be Lifted
International False Beliefs to Be Lifted:  Addressing the EU Outcome
Address to the United Kingdom

June 12, 2016

Course 104: Birth Fragment Souls

Course 104:  Maintaining Balance between Your Soul and Your Spirit
Preventing Alzheimer’s/Dementia
The Man in the Mirror:  Looking at Yourself
What Do Canada and Other Countries Need to Do to Build Stronger Economies?

May 29, 2016

Course 103: Memory and Karma

Course 103:  What is Memory?
How Do You Know You Have Bad Karma to Go Through?
Consequences of Avoiding Your Karma
Solutions to International Issues

May 15, 2016

Course 102: Core Spiritual Template

Course 102:  100% Free Will Universe
Going Deeper:  Taking on Others’ Bad Karma
What Disease Can Certain Allergies Lead To?
A Message to the State of Israel
May 1, 2016

Course 101: The Climb

The Spirit Realm vs the Physical Realm
How to Career Build
Keeping the Family Together
Canada and USA Issues/International Topics

April 3, 2016

Karma 101; Nuclear Summit, North Korea, Russia, Syria, USA

Karma:  The Life Script Change Universe
What Is Considered Bad Karma?
How Is Bad Karma Played Out?
Nuclear Summit, Syria, Russia, USA and Donald Trump

March 13, 2016

The Matrix Change to Universal Sowing and Reaping

The Brain Mind
The PR1 Universe
Destiny Cell
USA Election and International Issues

January 17, 2016

Cold Fusion Particles; X, Y DNA; North Korea

Cold Fusion Wave Particles
How to Deal with Problematic People
Noble Gases and Your General Health
Canada’s Role/North Korea

December 20, 2015

Cold Fusion, Gravity; Foods

Cold Fusion and Gravity
Segment 2:  Not Posted
Foods that You Need to Know About
Segment 4:  Not Posted

November 29, 2015

Cold Fusion; Weight Loss Inhibitors; Quantum Thought; Syrian Refugees, Canada

Explanation:  What Is Electricity?
Weight Loss Inhibitors
What You Can Do to Influence International Quantum Thought
Syrian Refugees

November 8, 2015

Dominant and Review Life 101

The Who Cell
Going Deeper:  The Dominant Life
Going Deeper:  The Review Life
Covering International Issues

October 25, 2015

God’s Archives; Matrix Programs; Jinx, Curses; Justin Trudeau

What Is in the Almighty God Archives?
Architectural Matrix Programs
Going Deeper:  The Jinx and Curses
Message to Justin Trudeau:  Canada’s New Direction

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